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Nordisk Film

Nordisk Film
Industry Entertainment
Founded 6 November 1906 (109 years, 144 days)
Founder Ole Olsen
Headquarters Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark
Key people
Allan Mathson Hansen
Products Motion pictures, television programs
Revenue 1.62 billion (2012)[1]
€187 million (2012)[1]
Parent Egmont Group
File:NordiskGulDame poster.jpg
Nordisk Films Promotional Poster
File:Main Gate Nordisk Film.JPG
Main gate of Nordisk Film in 2008

Nordisk Film (USA affiliate: Great Northern Film Company), established in Denmark in 1906 by Danish filmmaker Ole Olsen, is the oldest continuously active film studio in the world.[2][3] It is the third oldest studio in the world behind Gaumont and Pathé. Olsen started his company in the Copenhagen suburb of Valby under the name "Ole Olsen's Film Factory" but soon changed it to the Nordisk Film Kompagni. In 1908, Olsen opened an affiliate branch in New York, the Great Northern Film Company, to handle distribution of his films to the American market. As Nordisk Film, it became a publicly traded company in 1911.

In 1992 it merged with the Egmont media group and operates today as electronic media production and distribution group that employs 1,090 people in six countries. The total revenues in 2003 amounted to approximately €345 million. Today, Nordisk Film is the oldest movie production company in operation in the world. Egmont Nordisk Film is the largest producer and distributor of electronic entertainment in the Nordic region. Nordisk Film incorporates all parts of the value chain in the electronic entertainment world: development, production, marketing and distribution.

The company produces and co-produces national and international feature films in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which are distributed to cinemas around the Nordic countries, including Nordisk Film Cinemas in Denmark and Norway with approximately 16,000 seats. The films are also distributed internationally for viewing in cinemas, on video and on television. Additionally, Nordisk Film produces animated content and feature films.

In summer of 2010, it was announced that they will distribute Denmark's first 3-D film, a CGI adaptation of the Olsen Gang produced by A. Film A/S. It is probable that the film may be released in Real D 3D.

On 18 May 2012, Nordisk Film made a multi-year deal with Lions Gate Entertainment and will distribute films by Lionsgate Films and Summit Entertainment in Scandinavia.[4] In September 2012, DreamWorks Studios signed a partnership with Nordisk Film for the distribution of DreamWorks' films in Scandinavia.[5]


Nordisk Film Production

Nordisk Film Production produces both feature films, animation films, short films, television series and TV documentaries for the Scandinavian and international market. It employs five producers. [6]

Egmont Nordisk Film's TV departments develop and produce some of the most popular TV programmes in the Nordic countries and sell their TV programmes worldwide. Its commercial production company, Locomotion, is behind many commercials for screening in cinemas and on television and also produce music videos both for the Nordic and the international market.

Nordisk Film Distribution

Nordisk Film Distribution handles and distributes the rights to own productions, a number of local films as well as independent productions. In addition to this, Nordisk Film has a co-operation with Sony Pictures Entertainment in regards to theatrical distribution. Egmont Nordisk Film is behind approximately one in every 5 theatrical films and their Video Distribution is a major player in the Nordic countries and the TV Distribution not only handles the sales and distribution of film rights and entertainment formats in the Nordic countries, they also manage the sales of rights around the world for the majority of Scandinavia's most well-known film producers.

Nordisk Film Interactive

Nordisk Film Interactive has exclusive distribution rights to Sony PlayStation products in the Nordic countries, and is thereby responsible for a substantial business area in Nordisk Film.

Nordisk Film Cinemas

Nordisk Film Biografer owns 17 cinemas in Denmark, selling a total of 6.1 million tickets at the box office in 2012.[7] In April 2013, Nordisk Film purchased all shares in Oslo Kino, Norway's largest cinema chain with 15 cinemas. Nordisk Film also co-owns KinoCity Drammen, giving the company a market share in Norway around 28 percent.[8]

Nordisk Film Live

In February 2012, Nordisk Film announced that the company would move into the market for live entertainment. Its first production was the theatre concert Hey Jude. Nordisk Film also runs the music venue Pumpehuset in Copenhagen.[9]


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