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Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats

Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats
Chair John O'Neill
Headquarters Belfast
Youth wing Liberal Youth Northern Ireland
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Radical center to Centre-left
Colours Yellow
Politics of Northern Ireland
Political parties

The Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats is a local party of the Liberal Democrats that operates in Northern Ireland. [1] Unlike its counterparts in England, Scotland and Wales, the Northern Ireland party is not a state party within the federal Liberal Democrats but a local party, similar to constituency parties in the rest of the UK.


The Liberal Democrats do not presently contest elections in Northern Ireland but there is a strong history of support to the Alliance Party, some people mistake this for the two being the same entity.


Several individuals, including Alliance Party leader David Ford, hold membership of both parties. Alliance members of the House of Lords take the Lib Dem whip on non-Northern Ireland issues. Former Alliance Party MP Naomi Long did not take the Liberal Democrat Whip in the House of Commons between 2010 and 2015 as she is not a Liberal Democrat member [2] and sat on the opposition benches.

The Chair of the Northern Ireland local party is John O'Neill. The previous chair was Michael Carchrie Campbell, a Liberal Democrat activist formerly lived in Ballymena and Belfast. [3]

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