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Norwegian Internet Exchange

The Norwegian Internet Exchange or NIX is an Internet exchange point in Oslo, Norway. NIX is owned and operated by the Centre for Information Technology Services (USIT), University of Oslo, and has two physical locations in the Oslo area. Some 60 companies are connected to the NIX, including most ISPs operating in Norway and the two largest Norwegian TV companies, NRK and TV2.[1]


In June 2007 Telenor announced that it would withdraw from NIX. It would allow other Internet service providers to directly peer with Telenor, but wants to be able to charge content providers, like NRK or Schibsted, for prioritised access to their network. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority stated they would look at the legality of this move,[2] but concluded that the withdrawal from NIX would not negatively affect the Norwegian Internet infrastructure.[3]

In July 2007 NextGentel supported Telenor in its choice to withdraw from NIX. At the same time The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority stated that the change will not hurt many-to-many communication and that companies like Telenor and NextGentel should be able to decide prices themselves, based on usage.[4]


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