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Nu-Way Weiners

For the Wichita, Kansas restaurant, see Nu Way Cafe.
Nu-Way Weiners, Inc.
Restaurant information
Slogan "I'd Go a Long Way For a Nu-Way"
Established 1916
Current owner(s) Spyros Dermatas & James Cacavias
Food type hot dogs, hamburgers, breakfast
Street address 428 Cotton Ave.
City Macon
State Georgia
Postal code/ZIP 31201
Country United States

32°50′13″N 83°37′50″W / 32.836845°N 83.630561°W / 32.836845; -83.630561Coordinates: 32°50′13″N 83°37′50″W / 32.836845°N 83.630561°W / 32.836845; -83.630561{{#coordinates:32.836845|-83.630561 |type:landmark_region:US-GA_source:googleearth |||||| |primary |name=

Other locations Central Georgia area

Nu-Way Weiners, Inc. is a company that operates a chain of fast food restaurants that started in Macon, Georgia, USA. Nu-Way is known for hot dogs (or wieners, not the misspelled "weiners") – unique for their red color.[1] Nu-Way also serves other breakfast and lunch items, including pancakes, grits, sandwiches, and hamburgers.[2] As of 2014, 9 Nu-Way Weiner restaurants operate in the central Georgia area.[3] Nu-Way's slogan is "I'd Go a Long Way For a Nu-Way" and is a registered trademark of Nu-Way Weiners, Inc.[4]


In 1916, Greek American James Mallis opened a hot dog stand in Macon named “Nu-Way Weiners.”[5] Established the same year as Nathan's Famous hot dog stand in New York City, Nu-Way is one of the oldest hot dog restaurants in the United States.[6]

By 1968, three Nu-Way Weiner restaurants existed, which expanded to nine locations by 1972.[2] Nu-Way developed a clientele with a taste for its hot dogs with chili ("chili dogs") and hot dogs with cole slaw ("slaw dogs"). Because of that combination, The New York Times declared Nu-Way to be the "king" of the slaw dog "hill".[1] A quarter-pound hamburger, called the Mega-Burger, was also added to the menu. The original store with its neon sign is still in operation today, continuing to serve the same secret-recipe chili sauce and private-label wieners.[7] During the morning hours of March 13, 2015, the original Cotton Avenue location was destroyed by fire.[8] Fortunately, the iconic neon sign was saved from the blaze.[9] The owners have indicated the restaurant will be rebuilt.[10]

Current day

Recently, food critics have praised Nu-Way for its authentic Southern American cuisine and nostalgic atmosphere.[11][12] In November 2007, Nu-Way received widespread media attention when Oprah Winfrey visited the restaurant while in Macon to tape the annual Oprah's Favorite Things episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.[13] She claimed that Nu-Way was one of her favorite things about Macon.[14]

In 1999, Nu-Way was featured on a PBS special A Hot Dog Program.[15] The program was a one-hour special that traveled to various locations in the United States, featuring "some of the finest hot dog houses in the country".[16]

Since 2000, Nu-Way's owners have worked to modernize the restaurants, including updated drive-through windows.[2] Nu-Way also sells t-shirts and other items with their slogan "I'd Go A Long Way For A Nu-Way."


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