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Ole Paus (shipowner)

Ole Paus (23 March 1776 – 23 July 1855) was a Norwegian ship's captain, shipowner and land owner, who belonged to the patriciate of the port town of Skien from the late 18th century. From 1799, he owned the estate Rising in Gjerpen. He is noted as the stepfather of Knud Ibsen as well as the uncle of Marichen Altenburg, the parents of playwright Henrik Ibsen. Many of his descendants, including singer Ole Paus, were named for him.

He was married to Johanne Plesner, a daughter of merchant Knud Plesner. Johanne had previously been married to ship's captain Henrich Ibsen, who died at sea in 1797. Johanne and Henrich's only child was Knud Ibsen, who grew up at Rising. Ole Paus was best man at Knud Ibsen's wedding, when he married his niece Marichen Altenburg (a daughter of shipowner Johan Andreas Altenburg and Ole's sister Hedevig Christine Paus). Ole Paus' brother-in-law was Diderik von Cappelen, who was married to his wife's sister Maria Plesner in his first marriage and to Ole Paus' cousin Marie Severine Blom in his second.[1][2][3][4]

Ole Paus and Johanne Plesner had 5 sons and 4 daughters:

  • Lawyer Henrik Johan Paus (born 1799)
  • Judge, Governor of Bratsberg and Member of Parliament Christian Cornelius Paus (born 1800)
  • Maria Marthine Paus (born 1802)
  • Christine Pauline Paus (born 1803), married ship's captain Gerhard van Deurs
  • Nicolai Kall Paus (died as an infant 1804)
  • Jacob von der Lippe Paus (born 1806, died 1826)
  • Mariane Nicoline Elisabeth Paus (born 1808)
  • Shipowner and banker Christopher Blom Paus (born 1810)
  • Johanne Caroline Paus (born 1813).

Ole Paus was the grandfather of factory owner Ole Paus and the great-grandfather of chamberlain, land owner and art collector Christopher Tostrup Paus (born 1862), who received a comital title from Pope Pius XI. His great-great-grandson Herman Paus married Countess Tatyana Tolstoy, a granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy, and their descendants own Herresta and other Swedish estates. Also among his descendants are General Ole Otto Paus, singer Ole Paus, fashion designer Pontine Paus and businessman Peder Nicolas Paus.

Ole Paus was portrayed by Per Theodor Haugen in the 2006 NRK miniseries En udødelig mann.


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