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Omega Phi Chi

Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority
File:Omeg phi chi.png
Founded November 9, 1988
Rutgers University
Type Multicultural Sorority
Motto Destroying All Boundaries. Uniting All Races. Omega Phi Chi. We Dare To Be Different. Preserving the Past. Cultivating the Present. Building the Future. Omega Phi Chi. We Dare to Be Different.
Slogan Diversity at its Finest
Colors Baby Pink & Onyx Black
Symbol Heart
Flower Ladies Pink Slipper also known as Moccasin
Jewel Onyx
Mascot Black Panther
Chapters 17
Headquarters New Brunswick, NJ, United States
Homepage National Website

Omega Phi Chi Sorority, Inc. (ΩΦΧ) is a national multicultural sorority that was established on November 9, 1988 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey by eight women of Asian, African American, and Latina descent.


The founders were a group of women who felt the need to establish a multicultural organization on the Rutgers campus that spoke to their needs across diverse backgrounds, distinct cultural roots, and the empowerment of the female culture. They came together to found a multicultural sorority; a different type of organization that would not be categorized by ethnicity, creed or culture. Since its inception, it has grown to include over 50 different nationalities and has started 17 other chapters in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California.[citation needed]


The purpose of Omega Phi Chi is to create a unity among all women,and promote ethnic diversity by integrating women of all boundaries and cultures. Omega Phi Chi's concept of sisterhood are love, honesty, loyalty, responsibility of one another, and mutual respect. The main objectives of this organization are academic excellence and involvement in community affairs. In addition, Omega Phi Chi prides themselves in promoting professionalism.[citation needed]


  • COLORS-Pink and Black
  • MASCOT-Black Panther
  • FLOWER-Lady's Pink Slipper known as Moccasin
  • STONE-Black Onyx

MOTTOS: "Destroying All Boundaries. Uniting All Races. Omega Phi Chi. We Dare to Be Different."
"Preserving the Past, Cultivating the Present, Building the Future, Omega Phi Chi, We Dare To Be Different"


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