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OrganoClick AB
Industry Chemicals, Cellulose, Clean technology
Founded 2006
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Products Chemicals, Paper, Textiles,

OrganoClick AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a company that sells chemical formulations and licenses for modifying all cellulose-based materials in the green way. Since the start in 2006, the company has collaborated with partners from several industry sectors on numerous development projects.


OrganoClick was founded by researchers Jonas Hafrén and Armando Córdova and found to be promising by business developers and serial entrepreneurs Saeid Esmaeilzadeh and Ashkan Pouya. Mårten Hellberg was invited to be the CEO and OrganoClick was established in May 2006.


OrganoClick was founded in 2006 based on scientific breakthroughs in methods for modifications of biofibers made by the co-founders, Associate Professor Jonas Hafrén at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, and Associate Professor Armando Córdova at Stockholm University

It was initially located at the Science Park, Teknikhöjden in Stockholm where its offices and R&D facilities were based. In order to meet bigger volumes of production and increasing demands for its products the company decided to move on to a bigger production facility at Ritarslingan in Täby.

The mission of the company is to develop and market new cellulose-based materials with high functionality, including water-resistance, dry- wet-strength and flame retardance, etc. using green chemistry as the fundamental pillar.[1]

Business Model

Using their patented technology, OrganoClick has the capabilities of modifying the properties of different cellulose-based materials such as paper, packaging, textiles and wood. This is achieved by attaching functional moieties to the cellulose fibers at low temperature using organic molecules and catalysts which have minimal impact on the environment and the natural ecosystem.

File:OrganoClick Technology.gif
Employing OrganoClick Technology to modify cellulose fibers

Paper and Packaging

OrganoClick is able to produce paper and packaging with increased strength, enhanced mechanical properties and also, water-resistant properties. This inexpensive and efficient method also reduces the raw materials required for paper production.[2]


Using it proprietary technology OrganoClick has developed a new product, OrganoTex which is used to make cellulose-based fabrics (e.g. cotton) hydrophobic (i.e. water resistant). It is a clean tech innovation with the advantage of replacing the conventionally used non-environmentally friendly fluorocarbons. This technology allows cellulosic fibers to covalently bind to a unique bio-additive developed and manufactured by OrganoClick.[3]

Furthermore, technology to achieve increased strength properties in nonwoven textiles has also been developed.[4]


OrganoClick has developed a technology that is able to retard the rate of wood decay and also impart fire resistant characteristics with its product, OrganoWood.[5] It can also be applied to other biofiber-based materials such as fiberboards.

Corporate Governance

  • Mårten Hellberg, CEO
  • Ashkan Pouya, Chairman
  • Anders Wall, Med Dr. h. c. Consul General, Board Member
  • Claes-Göran Beckeman, Board Member
  • Bertil Hagman, Consul General, Board Member
  • Armando Córdova, Ph. D., Board Member

Positive Recognition

Despite being a young company, OrganoClick has won the following awards.

  • Innovation and Technology Award 2008[6]
  • Miljöinnovation 2008[7]
  • 50 most promising Nordic cleantech companies in 2009[8]
  • H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 50th Birthday Fund for environmentally friendly innovations[9]
  • OrganoClick has been elected as one of Sweden’s top 20 innovations that will place Sweden on the world map as an innovative country. Starting from October 2011, a world tour organized by the Swedish Institute will begin, with exhibitions in Silicon valley, Washington DC, Asia and Europe during which the 20 companies and their innovations will be presented.[10]
  • OrganoClick was invited to become a member company of the exclusive network, Cleantech Inn Sweden, a governmental initiative aiming at promoting the “national team of cleantech companies” and speeding up the commercialization of Swedish cleantech innovations.[11]


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