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Orthodontic National Group

Full name Orthodontic National Group
Founded 1994
Affiliation British Orthodontic Society
Key people Debra Worthington, Chairman
Fiona Grist, Vice Chairman
Sally Dye, Admin Sec
Zararna Nelson-Moon, President
Office location BOS, 12 Bridewell Place, London. EC4V 6AP, UK
Country United Kingdom, Ireland

The Orthodontic National Group (ONG) is a specialist group for orthodontic nurses and orthodontic therapists in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


The Orthodontic National Group was established in 1994 and originated from the British Orthodontic Conference, which holds an Orthodontic Nurses Day and Orthodontic Therapists Day.


As an affiliate organisation of the British Orthodontic Society (BOS), the officials and committee members of the ONG the meet at the BOS headquarters at 12 Bridewell Place in London.

The ONG logo is octagonal in shape and depicts an orthodontic bracket, a small but vital item to the majority of orthodontic treatment cases.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the Orthodontic National Group are "To act on behalf of the Dental Nurses to advance high standards by developing the Orthodontic Dental Nurse and Therapists roles."

The objectives of the Orthodontic National Group are:

  • To develop the Orthodontic Dental Nurse and Therapists roles within the specialist group
  • To provide continuing professional education and development with at least bi-annual study days
  • To keep the membership informed by means of the ONG journal and website
  • To recommend to the General Dental Council and to relevant bodies any changes needed in legislation
  • To liaise with relevant professional bodies to promote the status of the Orthodontic Dental Nurses and Orthodontic Therapists
  • To manage the group's finances to achieve its objectives
  • To plan for the future


Study Days

The ONG hold at least two study days a year.

British Orthodontic Conference

An orthodontic nurse and therapist day programme is held at the British Orthodontic Conference (BOC), the main annual conference of the British Orthodontic Society and is organised by ONG committee members. Similarly a dedicated Orthodontic Therapist Day is held at the BOC and organised by ONG committee members.


ONG Orthodontic Nurse Award. This award was established in 1995 and was sponsored by 3M Unitek, until 2012

TOC Orthodontic Dental Nurse Prize

This award was established in 2001 and is sponsored by TOC Orthodontics.

BOS Award to an Orthodontic National Group member for Distinguished Service

Established in 2003 and presented annually at the British Orthodontic Conference.


An elected committee is responsible for governing the ONG. There are also regional representatives. The functions of the committee are:

  • To meet the aims of the group
  • To provide for the needs of its members
  • To promote the group within the Dental profession
  • To communicate with its members
  • To manage the finances of the group to achieve its aims and functions
  • To appoint a President and Chief Executive as required

Current Committee Members

Portfolio Committee Member
Chairman Debra Worthington
Vice Chairman Fiona Grist

l- IPresident Zararna Nelson-Moon

Finance Officer and Webmaster Anne Gowans
Administration Secretary and Orthodontic Therapist representative Sally Dye
Committee Member Mary Bardet, Janet Gray, Marica Grundy, Sandra Hudson and Gemma Giles.

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