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Out in Fifty

Out in Fifty
Directed by Bojesse Christopher
Scott Leet
Written by Bojesse Christopher
Scott Leet
Starring Mickey Rourke
Bojesse Christopher
Scott Leet
Ed Lauter
Christina Applegate
Nina Offenböck
Country USA
Language English

Out in Fifty is a 1999 independent film directed and written by Bojesse Christopher and Scott Leet, which also stars in this film together with actor Mickey Rourke. Film also stars Peter Greene, Ed Lauter, Balthazar Getty, James Avery and Christina Applegate as Lilah. A central role is developing by Nina Offenböck, the georgeus swidish actress, as Gloria. It is an action packed psychologicial thriller film.


Mississippi boy Ray Frye (Scott Leet) accidentally killed a perverted woman from L.A. during making love. Now her vengeful husband, an addict cop no less (Mickey Rourke), is waiting to strike when Frye gets out of prison. But Frye goes out of the Frye pen and into the fire when, on parole, he boards with the scheming little family of a chintzy car-wash entrepreneur. There's also a poison-dart serial killer on the loose who may or may not be relevant.


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