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For other uses, see Pérez (disambiguation).
Pérez / Perez
Family name
Meaning Son of Peter /
Breach or burst forth
Region of origin Spain / Israel
Language(s) of origin Spanish / Hebrew
Related names Fares, Farez, Fretz, Peres, Peris, Peretz, Pesidas, Pharez, Pretz, Pritz

Perez is a surname with at least two distinct origins: One, written as Pérez, is a Spanish surname meaning "son of Pero, Pedro, or Peter." In Portuguese the surname is written with a final "s" instead of "z" and without the accent.

The other is a Hebrew surname Perez or Peretz, derived from Perez (son of Judah) (Hebrew פרץ cf. Genesis 38:29), meaning to "breach or burst forth." The Hebrew name Perez is transliterated Farés in the Spanish Christian Bible.

The name rarely occurs as a first name.


In Castilian Spanish, the name is pronounced [ˈpeɾeθ] and in Latin America, [ˈpeɾes].

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