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Papal conclave, 1591

Papal conclave
October 1591
Coat of arms during the vacancy of the Holy See
Dates and location
27–29 October 1591
Apostolic Palace, Papal States
Key officials
Dean Alfonso Gesualdo
Sub-Dean Innico d'Avalos d'Aragona
Camerlengo Enrico Caetani
Protopriest Markus von Hohenems Sitticus
Protodeacon Andreas von Österreich
Ballots 3
Elected Pope
Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti
(Name taken: Innocent IX)

The papal conclave of 27 to 29 October 1591 was held after the death of Pope Gregory XIV on 16 October that year, after less than a year as pope. This left the Holy See vacant for the third time in fourteen months. The conclave lasted only three days and elected Pope Innocent IX.

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