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Paula George Tompkins

Paula George Tompkins (born 1952) is an American advertising executive. She founded the SoftAd Group in 1985 to exploit the possibilities of using personal computers as a marketing platform.[1] The company—renamed ChannelNet in 2004—is still in the digital marketing business.[2]


She attended Beverly Hills Junior High School and Huntington High School.

She worked at Bank of New York from 1974-1975, St. Regis Paper Company, 1976-1978, 3M Company, 1978-1980, General Electric, 1980-1982 and Altus Corporation, 1983-1985.[3]

She lectures frequently at colleges and universities on business subjects and on her experience as the founder and CEO of a technology company.

She quit in 1985 to start SoftAd.

SoftAd Group

Since its founding, the company has worked with more than 250 companies in more than 25 industries and translated its software into more than a dozen languages. The company today is based in Dearborn MI and employs more than 100 people. The SoftAd Group was renamed ChannelNet in 2004.

The inventor is named in two US [[patent]s]. In 2010, a patent was issued for its SiteBuilder software, a modifiable sales and marketing technology platform. In 2012, the company received another patent for SiteBuilder for personalization technologies.

Personal life

Tompkins is a 1974 graduate (Bachelors in Business Administration) of Marshall University and serves on the Marshall University Foundation Board of Directors[4] She started a mentoring program for students in the Yeager Scholar program.[5][6]


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