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Pawsox Radio Network

The Pawsox Radio Network
Type Radio network
Country 23x15px United States
Availability Regional, through 13 affiliates
Owner Heirs of Ben Mondor (operated by Clear Channel Communications/WHJJ)
Key people
Josh Maurer: announcer
Official website
Pawsox radio broadcasts page on

The Pawsox Radio Network is the radio network of the Pawtucket Red Sox, a Triple-A minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. There are 11 stations (10 A.M. & 1 F.M.) & 2 F.M. translators in the network, including the flagship & part-time stations.

Flagship station


Massachusetts (7 stations + 1 translator)

Rhode Island (1 station)

Vermont (2 station + 1 translator)

Unsure status (2 stations)

Former flagships (2 stations)

Former affiliates (11 stations)


Several Pawsox broadcasters have gone on to careers with major-league baseball teams.[1] Those announcers are:

  • Gary Cohen (called to the Mets in 1989)
  • Dave Flemming (to the San Francisco Giants in 2004)
  • Andy Freed (to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2005)
  • Aaron Goldsmith (to the Seattle Mariners in 2013)
  • Dan Hoard (to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011)
  • Dave Jaegler (to the Washington Nationals in 2006)
  • Jeff Levering (2013-2014): now with the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Don Orsillo (called to the Red Sox in 2001)
  • Bob Socci (to the New England Patriots in 2013)