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Peggy Deamer

Peggy Deamer is an architect, architectural educator, and currently Assistant Dean and Professor of Architecture at Yale University. Her research explores the nature of creative work, stretching from a psychoanalytic interpretation of art production and reception – initiated in the dissertation on Adrian Stokes, who was analyzed by Melanie Klein – to neo-Marxist examinations of creative labor.

Peggy (ne: Margaret) Deamer (February 15, 1950 – present) is a principal in the firm of Deamer, Architects and formerly, Deamer + Phillips, Architects. She received a B.Arch. from Cooper Union and a Ph.D. from Princeton University. Her dissertation was on the British art critic, Adrian Stokes. She has taught at Princeton University, Barnard College, Columbia University, Ohio State University, University of Kentucky amongst others. In New Zealand, where she was the Head of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland in 2007, she has also taught at Unitec and Victoria University. She has been a board member of Storefront for Art and Architecture and the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation and is currently on the board of Perspecta: The Yale Journal of Architecture and a member of ArchiteXX. She is the founding member of the advocacy group, the Architecture Lobby.[1]

Recent articles include “Office Management,” in OfficeUS’s Agenda, “Work” in Perspecta 47, “The Changing Nature of Architectural Work,” in Design Practices Now Vol II, The Harvard Design Magazine no. 33;[2] “Detail Deliberation,” in Building (in) the Future: Recasting Labor in Architecture; and “Practicing Practice,” in Perspecta 44.[3] Her writing on architecture, design and psychoanalysis include “Adrian Stokes: Surface Suicide” in Architecture Post Mortem: The Diastolic Architecture of Decline, Dystopia, and Death (Ashgate, Donald Kunze, Editor),[4] “Adrian Stokes: The Architecture of Phantasy and the Phantasy of Architecture, Architecture and Psychoanalysis: The Annuals of Psychoanalysis, and “Subject/Object/Text” in Drawing/Building/Text, (Princeton Architectural Press, Andrea Kahn, ed.) amongst others.


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