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Pennsylvania 6-5000 (song)

1940 RCA Bluebird 78, B-10754-A, by Glenn Miller.

"Pennsylvania 6-5000" is a 1940 swing jazz and pop standard recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra. The song was released as an RCA Bluebird 78 rpm single by Glenn Miller.

Glenn Miller recording

Many big band names played in the Hotel Pennsylvania's Cafe Rouge in New York City, including the Glenn Miller Orchestra.[1] The hotel's telephone number, PEnnsylvania 6-5000, inspired the Glenn Miller 1940 Top 5 Billboard hit of the same name, which had a 12 week chart run.[2] The music was written by Jerry Gray and the lyrics by Carl Sigman. The 78 single was RCA Victor Bluebird 78 B-10754-A backed with "Rug Cutter's Swing".[citation needed]

Other recordings

The song became a jazz and big band standard also recorded by the Andrews Sisters, Judy Garland and Martha Raye in a duet, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Louise Gold, Kathy Miller, Richard Hunt, and Jerry Nelson (in 1979), Martin Brushane Big Band, the Blue Moon Big Band (in 1999), in a 1976 Carol Burnett Show episode in a tribute to Glenn Miller, Syd Lawrence, Michael Maxwell and His Orchestra, Bobby Benson and the Baby Band in The Muppet Show episode 319 in 1979, Fud Candrix and His Orchestra, Jerry Gray, Mina, Lou Haskins, Jack Livingston, Raquel Rastenni in 1941 in Copenhagen, Starlight Orchestra, Klaus Wunderlich, New 101 Strings Orchestra, Heptet, Meco, Tex Beneke, The Modernaires, Jack Million Band, Al Pierson Big Band, BBC Big Band Orchestra, SWR Big Band, and by Captain Cook und seine singenden Saxophone in 2012.[3]

File:Pennsylvania 6-5000 Glenn Miller Robbins 1940.jpg
1940 sheet music, Robbins Music, New York.
Fats Waller arranged the song for piano which was published in the UK songbook Francis & Day's Album of Fats Waller: Musical Rhythms in the 1940s.

In popular culture

In film

In music

In television

  • The song is featured in the third episode of Twin Peaks (aired in 1990).[7]
  • The song appears in Stephen King's Rose Red (2002), and is referred to as Pennsylvania 6-5000 (In the Mood).



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