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Pheed is a social networking service that competes with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and related sites.[1] Founded by Internet entrepreneur OD Kobo and [2] launched in November of 2012, Pheed is aimed at a younger audience than Facebook's demographic. [1] Pheed combines text, video, images and audio, and includes a live broadcast option.[3] Pheed provides a pay-per-view option, covering both individual elements (such as a video or audio event), or subscriptions to a full feed that can be scheduled for a specific time or day with a specific cost,[4][5] and mobile applications through the Apple App Store and Google Play.[6] The pheeds can also be shared by Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. The pheeds can be copyrighted which make them the user's property. They can also be kept on the user's wall without any other users seeing it. A user's friends can be invited through Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

Pheed was sold to Mobli Media Group a company majority owned by Carlos Slim Helú, in March of 2014 for US$40 million. [7]


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