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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
General Information
Team Philadelphia Eagles
Established 1948 (debut)
Members 38
  • 1948–1970s Eaglettes
  • 1970s–1980s Liberty Bells
  • 1980s–present Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders are the cheerleading squad of the Philadelphia Eagles, who plays in the NFL. The squad features 38 women.[1] The squad debuted in 1948 as the Eaglettes, and became the Liberty Belles in the 1970s, and became the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders in the 1980s.[2] In April, the squad holds annual auditions at the Kimmel Center, with the final auditions being aired on[3][4] The squad, unlike other NFL squads, also releases a swimsuit calendar, but the Eagles Cheerleaders have also released it on Android, as well as iOS for $1.99.[5][6] The squad's director, Barbara Zaun, was a titleholder for Miss USA and Miss America, and also coordinated the Eagles Cheerleaders for Super Bowl XXXIX, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, as well as various photo shoots.[7] The squad also makes off-field appearances.[8] The squad has also made an appearance at the 2012 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.[9]

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