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Philippine International Tennis Tournament

Template:Infobox devonamp The Philippine International Tennis Tournament was a men's tennis tournament played in Manila, Philippines from 1973-1978. The event was part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit and was played on outdoor hard courts.

Men's singles

Year Champion Runner-up Score
1973 23x15px Ross Case 23x15px Geoff Masters 6–1, 6–0
1974 23x15px Ismail El Shafei 23x15px Hans-Jürgen Pohmann 7–6, 6–1
1975 23x15px Ross Case 23x15px Corrado Barazzutti 6–3, 6–1
1976 23x15px Brian Fairlie 23x15px Ray Ruffels 7–5, 6–7, 7–6
1977 23x15px Karl Meiler 23x15px Manuel Orantes DEF
1978 23x15px Yannick Noah 23x15px Peter Feigl 7–6, 6–0


Year Champions Runners-up Score
1973 23x15px Marcello Lara
23x15px Sherwood Stewart
23x15px Jürgen Fassbender
23x15px Hans-Jürgen Pohmann
6–2, 6–0
1974 23x15px Syd Ball
23x15px Ross Case
23x15px Mike Estep
23x15px Marcello Lara
6–3, 7–6, 9–7
1975 23x15px Ross Case
23x15px Geoff Masters
23x15px Syd Ball
23x15px Kim Warwick
6–1, 6–2
1976 23x15px Ross Case
23x15px Geoff Masters
Template:Country data IND Anand Amritraj
23x15px Corrado Barazzutti
6–0, 6–1
1977 23x15px Chris Kachel
23x15px John Marks
23x15px Mike Cahill
23x15px Terry Moor
4–6, 6–0, 7–6
1978 23x15px Sherwood Stewart
23x15px Brian Teacher
23x15px Ross Case
23x15px Chris Kachel
6–3, 7–6