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ICD-10 C75.3
ICD-O 9362/3
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MeSH D010871

Pineoblastoma (also pinealoblastoma) is a malignant tumor of the pineal gland. A pineoblastoma is a supratentorial midline primitive neuroectodermal tumor.

Pineoblastoma may occur in patients with hereditary uni- or bilateral retinoblastoma. When retinoblastoma patients present with pineoblastoma this is characterized as "trilateral retinoblastoma".[1] Prognosis of patients with trilateral retinoblastoma is dismal, only a few patients have survived more than 5 years after diagnosis; all survivors were diagnosed with small tumors in a subclinical stage.[2]

Lately, this disease was featured in headlines of several newspapers all over the world in a patient without retinoblatoma.[3]


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