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Pirate (sexual slang)

Pirate has multiple meanings in sexual slang. Several of them emerged in the 20th century and play off the tradition that pirates took whatever they wanted, including sex, which was "seen as a conquest."[1]


The most common usage is Australian slang for a man searching around for casual sex, as in "on the pirate" or the verb "to pirate."[2]

It has also been used to describe a pimp who steals a prostitute from another pimp.[2]

A more recent slang usage is a fictitious sex act called "The Pirate" or "The Angry Pirate."[3] Sex columnist Dan Savage fielded a question from a reader who asked about the act. The reader described it as "when you’re getting a blowjob from a girl, and when you cum, you ejaculate in her eye. Then you kick her in the shin. The result is the woman is squinting her eye and hopping up and down on one foot, holding her leg and screaming, "ARRRGH!"[4] Savage replied "no one has ever attempted "the Pirate," just as no one has ever performed a Hot Karl, delivered a Donkey Punch, or inserted an Icy Mike. They’re all fictions." [4] Author Jordan Tate, commenting in The Contemporary Dictionary of Sexual Euphemisms (2007) said this "falls into the class of theoretical euphemisms that are infrequent, impractical, and violent."[5] Tate said these terms originated sometime after the sexual revolution, when the empowerment of women was threatening the place of men in contemporary society. […] This shift in gender paradigms left men feeling threatened, and to reassert their authority, they created and popularized these theoretical and violent euphemisms.[5]

Compound words

The term is also used in compound words, including "tango pirate," popularized in the early 20th century to describe gigolos who sought out wealthy women at dances.[2] The terms "butt pirate" or "ass pirate" or "poo pirate" have been used as sexual slurs for gay men.[1] The term "Pamper pirate" has been used to describe a child molester.[2]


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