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Pittsburgh Steelers statistics

This page details statistics about the Pittsburgh Steelers American football team.

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Career-with-Franchise Records


NFL records

The Steelers franchise holds many NFL records including [1]:


  • Most Super Bowl Wins (Six).
  • Most Trips to the Super Bowl (8 - tied with Dallas and New England).
  • Most AFC Conference Championships won (8 tied with New England).
  • Most Conference Championship games played in [AFC] (15 - all with AFC). (49ers have most appearances with 16)
  • Most Conference Championship games hosted [AFC or NFC] (11).
  • Second Most Division Titles won by any team in the history of the NFL (20 - Second only to Dallas' 21) (all with AFC Central & North)
  • Most post-merger games won overall [regular season & playoffs] (416).
  • Most post-merger regular season games won (384).
  • Most playoff games won by any NFL team in history (33 - tied with Dallas).
  • Highest post-merger winning percentage [regular season & playoffs] (61.1%).
  • Highest post-merger regular season winning percentage (61%).
  • Highest playoff winning percentage in the history of the NFL (63.25%).
  • Third Most Primary Hall of Famers of any NFL Franchise (behind Chicago [1st] & Green Bay [2nd])
  • Quarterback with lowest interception percentage for a career (Neil O'Donnell)
  • Most consecutive games with a touchdown reception among AFC teams (11) Buddy Dial, 1959-1960
  • Most post-merger seasons leading league in fewest total yards allowed (5-tied).
  • Most post-merger seasons leading league in fewest rushing yards allowed (6).
  • Most seasons leading AFC in fewest passing yards allowed (6).
  • Most post-merger seasons leading AFC in sacks (3).
  • Player with most AFC games played, most NFL career points, most seasons with 100+ points, most FG attempts and FGs made (Gary Anderson).
  • Player with most AFC interceptions and most NFL yards gained and most NFL touchdowns after interception (Rod Woodson).


  • 2nd Most games won (2004-tied) and 3rd most games won in a season by a franchise (1978-tied).
  • Most rushing TD's since merger (33 in 1976).
  • Most seasons with a player leading the NFL in sacks (Kevin Greene 2-tied).
  • Most AFC games with a 100+ yard rusher (Barry Foster 1992)
  • Highest passer rating and highest completion percentage by a rookie (Ben Roethlisberger, 2004)
  • Most punt returns in a season (71 in 1976) and 2nd most punt returns in a season (67 in 1974).
  • Tied for fewest fair catches in a season (0 in 1977).
  • Tied for most opponent fumbles recovered by an AFC player (Jack Lambert 1976).
  • Tied for most touchdowns after fumble recovery (Jim Bradshaw, 1964).
  • Most road wins in a season, postseason included (9 games, 2005).
  • One of two sixth-seeded teams (along with the Green Bay Packers) to ever win the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XL)