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Plasticity Forum

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Purpose Waste minimisation
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Douglas Woodring, Matt Perry, Deborah Patton
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Ocean Recovery Alliance
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Plasticity Forum is a project of Ocean Recovery Alliance and the Republic of Everyone, and was created as a discussion about the future of plastic, and how new technologies and innovation can bring about reduced environmental impacts.[1][2]


Plasticity Forum was launched at the Rio+20 Earth Summit to start a discussion on the future of plastic and where leaders are going in terms of innovation, new design, solutions, and opportunities, all of which will help reduce plastic pollution. Plasticity Rio '12 hosted over 130 industrial delegates, government leaders, educators and innovators from more than 15 countries. The conference was the first time that plastic was the sole focus of discussion at one of the large international environmental events. The event will be held again in Hong Kong in 2013.[1][3][4]


Plasticity Forum is a collaboration of Ocean Recovery Alliance, the Republic of Everyone, and Applied Brilliance.[4]

Focus topics

  • Plastic as a resource rather than a waste
  • Bioplastics and carbon emissions
  • Recycling of bioplastics
  • How producer responsibility improves waste stream management and brand loyalty
  • How innovators can find funders[1][3][4]

Rio '12 attendees

Attendees of Plasticity Rio '12 came from corporations, NGOs, and government sectors with a vested interest in plastics, including:

  • Textiles
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Service Industries
  • Design and Packaging Industries
  • Recyclers
  • Waste to Fuel Companies
  • Bio Plastic Producers
  • Municipality Leaders
  • Policy Makers
  • NGOs
  • Brand Owners [1]

Plastic Vortex Challenge

The Plastic Vortex Challenge (PVC) was announced at Plasticity Rio '12 with the aim to raise awareness about the environmental damage caused by single-use plastics.[5] The PVC is an open ocean relay race between Hawaii and Los Angeles through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch scheduled to occur in June 2014.[5]


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