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Point San Quentin

Point San Quentin, later known as Potrero Point was the land projecting into San Francisco Bay, and marking the southern extremity of the now filled in Mission Bay.[1]


Originally named by Spanish settlers in the 18th century, it retained the name as Point San Quentin on U.S. Costal survey maps as late as 1869. By 1882, the land projecting from the southern tip of Mission Bay is shown on maps as Potrero Point, and commonly called The Protrero, for the former Rancho Potrero de San Francisco that had included the point within its boundaries. In the early 1850s the site of the Tubb ropewalk, in the mid 1860s it became the major shipbuilding site for San Francisco. Subsequently the shoreline of the point along Mission Bay and San Francisco Bay was filled in. By 1880, Potrero Point had become the San Francisco center for heavy industries like the Atlas Iron Works, Bethlehem Shipyard, California Sugar Refinery, Pacific Rolling Mill, and the Union Iron Works. These industries continued there through World War I.[1]

The Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco is located on Potrero Point.


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