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Pope Romanus

Papacy began August 897
Papacy ended November 897
Predecessor Stephen VI
Successor Theodore II
Personal details
Born Gallese, Papal States
Died November 897

Pope Romanus (died November 897) was Pope from August to November 897. He was the supposed nephew of Pope Marinus I.[1]

Romanus, whose personal name is unknown, was born in Gallese, Italy near Civita Castellana. He was elected to succeed the murdered Pope Stephen VI during a period when the papacy was fought over by various Italian factions. Like many popes of the era, Romanus annulled all the acts and decrees of his predecessor.[2] His short rule was regarded as a virtuous one by contemporary historian Flodoard, but 15th-century historian Bartolomeo Platina scorned him for continuing the practice of annulling the acts and decrees of his predecessor. An opposing faction deposed him later the same year and he ended his days as a monk.[3] His date of death is unknown.


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Stephen VI
Succeeded by
Theodore II

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