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Prim Siripipat

Prim Siripipat (born January 15, 1981)[1] is a former Duke tennis player and currently an American television anchor on ESPN.

Early years

Prim Siripipat was born in Mexico, Missouri. By the age of 4, Siripipat took up dancing, swimming, gymnastic, and piano. At the age of seven, she began ballet and tennis. By the time she was 10, Siripipat was a skilled player in tennis. With the help of her mom, Siripipat, at the age of 12, moved to Tampa, Florida to help elevate with her skills.[2][3] She attended Saddlebrook Preparatory School, where she was training with Jennifer Capriati, Andy Roddick, Martina Hingis and Mardy Fish. She traveled the world with the U.S. National team and eventually finished in the top 10 in the country for players aged 18 and under.[4] She attended Duke University on a full scholarship.[2] The Duke Tennis team was ranked top 10 and won the Indoor National Championship her senior year.[5] However, Siripipat had been suffering through injuries over the year of playing tennis. By time she was 17, Siripipat had two stress fractures in her back. Her junior year, Siripipat went to undergo surgery on her shoulder and both knees.[6] It became clear that Siripipat could no longer pursue a career as a tennis player.


Siripipat was majoring in Sociology with a minor in biological anthropology and anatomy during her four years at Duke University.[4] After getting her degree, Siripipat received a job as an intern for WRAL-TV.[2] In 2004, she was among several thousand contestants trying out for the show Dream Job which was aired by ESPN.[2] In 2007, she received a job at CBS-4 in Miami as a sports reporter.[2] In March, 2011, Siripipat received a job as an anchor at ESPN.[2] She also appears as a tennis analyst and does several appearances on ESPN radio.[2]

Personal life

During an ESPN interview, Siripipat revealed her musical talents, playing the piano, clarinet and saxophone.[7]


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