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Provincial correctional services in Canada

Correctional services are operated by both the federal and provincial governments. Offenders who receive sentences of less than two years or who receive community sentences such as fines, community service work or probation are under provincial jurisdiction. Offenders who receive prison sentences of two years or more are the responsibility of the federal government. Young offender services, including pre-trial supervision, community and custody sentences and Extrajudicial Sanctions Programs, are the responsibility of the provincial government.

The provinces and territories of Canada also operate correction facilities:


Administered by the Correctional Services of the Ministry of Solicitor General and Public Security
  • Calgary Correctional Center
  • Calgary Remand Centre
  • Edmonton Remand Centre [Largest in Canada]
  • Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre
  • Lethbridge Correctional Centre
  • Medicine Hat Remand Centre
  • Peace River Correctional Centre
  • Red Deer Remand Centre
  • Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre (3 Camps)
    • Alsike Minimum Security Camp (Closed April 2009)
    • Fort McMurray Minimum Security Camp (Closed)
    • Metis Nation Wilderness Camp
  • Kainai Community Correctional Centre

British Columbia

Administered by the Corrections Branch of the Ministry of Justice.
Regional Correctional Centres
Medium Correctional Centres
  • Alouette Correctional Centre for Women (Maple Ridge)
  • Ford Mountain Correctional Centre (Chilliwack)
  • Nanaimo Correctional Centre
Pre-trial Remand Centres
  • North Fraser Pretrial Centre (Port Coquitlam)
  • Surrey Pretrial Services Centre


Administered by the Corrections Division of Manitoba Justice
  • Brandon Correctional Centre
  • Dauphin Correctional Centre
  • Headingley Correctional Institution
  • Milner Ridge Correctional Centre
  • Portage Correctional Centre
  • The Pas Correctional Centre
  • Winnipeg Remand Centre
  • Agassiz Youth Centre
  • Manitoba Youth Centre

New Brunswick

Administered by the Community & Correctional Services of Department of Public Safety

  • Bathurst Day Detention Centre (Closed 2011)
  • Dalhousie Regional Correctional Centre
  • Madawaska Regional Correctional Centre (St. Hilaire, NB)
  • Southeast Regional Correctional Centre (Shediac, NB)
  • Saint John Regional Correctional Centre
  • Islandview Halfway House (Fredericton, NB)
  • NB Women's Correctional Centre / NB Youth Centre (Miramichi, NB)
  • Portage Open Custody (Cassidy Lake, NB)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Administered by the Corrections & Community Services of Department of Justice

  • Bishops Falls Correctional Centre
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Correctional Centre for Women
  • Corner Brook Lock-up
  • Labrador Correctional Centre
  • St. John's City Lock-up
  • Her Majesty's Penitentiary
  • Salmonier Correctional Institution
  • West Coast Correctional Centre

Northwest Territories

Administered by the Corrections Service of Department of Justice

  • South MacKenzie Correctional Centre
  • Territorial Women Correctional Centre
  • North Slave Correctional Centre
  • Fort Smith Correctional Complex
     Male unit formerly  Riverrige Correctional Centre 
     Female unit Foremerly Territorial Women's Correctional Centre

Nova Scotia

Administered by the Correctional Services Division of Department of Justice

Adult offender provincial correctional facilities:

  • Antigonish Correctional Facility - Opened 1948; 17 beds for adult male offenders; the government is currently in the planning stages for a replacement facility; final government approval to proceed with construction has not been announced.
  • Cape Breton Correctional Facility - Opened February 21, 1975; 96 beds for adult male offenders; co-located with the Cape Breton Youth Detention Facility.
  • Cumberland Correctional Facility - Opened 1890; renovated 1978; 29 beds for adult male offenders; the government is currently in the planning stages for a replacement facility. The former (Progressive Conservative) government announced a replacement facility to be built in Springhill during the May/June election campaign; however, the new (New Democratic Party) government has decided not to proceed with a correctional facility at this location at this time.
  • Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility - Opened October 2001; replaced the Colchester, Halifax, Kings and Lunenburg correctional facilities; 224 cells for adult male offenders, and 48 cells, in a separate living unit, for adult female offenders; extra beds are placed in the cells when the number of admissions require extra accommodations for offenders; co-located with the East Coast Forensic Hospital.
  • Southwest Nova Scotia Correctional Facility - Opened April 1, 2004; replaced the Yarmouth Correctional Centre; 38 cells for adult male offenders.

Closed adult offender provincial correctional facilities:

  • Guysborough Correctional Centre - Closed 2000.
  • Colchester Correctional Centre - Closed 2001.
  • Halifax Correctional Centre - Closed 2001.
  • Kings Correctional Centre - Closed 2001.
  • Lunenburg Correctional Centre - Closed 2001.
  • Yarmouth Correctional Centre - Closed 2004.

Young offender provincial correctional facilities:

  • Nova Scotia Youth Facility - Opened June 20, 1988, 98 cells for youth, boys and girls are housed in separate living units; co-located with an IWK Health Centre site.
  • Cape Breton Youth Detention Facility - Opened August 28, 2006; eight beds for boys and girls; boys and girls are housed separately; only used for short periods of custody, e.g., youth appearing in Cape Breton Island and Port Hawkesbury area courts, or when awaiting transfer to the Nova Scotia Youth Facility; co-located with the Cape Breton Correctional Facility.


Administered by Nunavut Ministry of Justice

  • Baffin Correctional Centre
  • Rankin Inlet Healing Facility
  • Nunavut Women's Correctional Centre


Administered by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Prince Edward Island

Administered by the Community and Correctional Services division of the Department of Environment, Labour & Justice

  • Provincial Correctional Centre
  • Prince Correctional Centre
  • Prince Edward Island Youth Centre


Administered by Direction générale des services correctionnels of the Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec(Department of Public Security)


Administered by Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing


Administered by Community and Correctional Services Branch of Department of Justice

  • Whitehorse Correctional Centre