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Alternative names Puliyodhara, Puliyogare, Chitrannam, Puliyodharai, Tamarind Rice
Place of origin India
Region or state Andhra Pradesh
Main ingredients Rice, tamarind, Lemon
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Pulihora (Telugu: పులిహోర), or Puliyodhara, or Chitrannam is a very common preparation in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Indian cuisine. Puli means sour taste. Pulihora is also referred to as sour rice. Other names are tamarind rice or lemon rice. In the Northern coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh people it's known as Saddi, but younger generations may not recognise this name.

It is made with tamarind an ingredient very popular in southern India.

In the districts of Andhra, it is considered as a festival food. It is given as prasadam in temples, devotees queue to get pulihora after darshan or viewing of the God. The festival of SeethaRama Kalyanam is one big occasion where the huge packets of pulihora are distributed to devotees.


In Andhra (Costal Region) it is called as Pulihora In Andhra (Rayalaseema), if you made with Tamarind then it will be called Pulihora and it made with Lemon then it is called CHITRANNAM

In Karnataka it is referred as Puliyogare.

In Tamil Nadu it is called "puliyodharai" or "pulisadham'".

Pulihora tastes sour, spicy, and salty at the same time. It stimulates the taste buds very nicely, even in the case of a dead tongue. It is easy and inexpensive to cook and fills the stomach quickly

As Hindus consider turmeric powder a symbol of auspiciousness, this dish is cooked on almost all good occasions and festive days. It is also distributed in some temples as Prasad. Other versions of pulihara may contain Un-ripe sour Mangoes, sour pomegranate and lemon.

Pulihora contains ingredients like Turmeric, Green Chilies, Lemon, Asafoetida, Curry leaves, Coriander Leaves. All of these are very effective together in controlling blood pressure. The famous recipe helps body to sustain in tropical climate.

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