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ICD-9: 87.73, 87.74, 87.75
MeSH D014567
OPS-301 code: 3-13d

Pyelogram (or pyelography or urography) is a form of imaging of the renal pelvis and ureter.[1]

Types include:

  • Intravenous pyelogram In which a contrast solution is introduced through a vein into the circulatory system. This is a form of anterograde pyelogram.
  • Retrograde pyelogram Any pyelogram in which contrast medium is introduced into the lower urinary tract and flows toward the kidney (i.e. in a "retrograde" direction, against the normal flow of urine).
  • Anterograde pyelogram (Also antegrade pyelogram) Any pyelogram where a contrast medium passes from the kidneys toward the bladder, mimicking the normal flow of urine.
  • Gas pyelogram A pyelogram that uses a gaseous rather than liquid contrast medium.[2]


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