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Qira, Haifa

Arabic قِيرة
Subdistrict Haifa

32°38′42″N 35°06′09″E / 32.64500°N 35.10250°E / 32.64500; 35.10250Coordinates: 32°38′42″N 35°06′09″E / 32.64500°N 35.10250°E / 32.64500; 35.10250{{#coordinates:32|38|42|N|35|06|09|E|type:city_region:IL |primary |name=

Palestine grid 159/227
Population 86 (1931)
Area 14,766 dunams
Date of depopulation late March 1948[1]
Cause(s) of depopulation Whispering campaign
Current localities Yokneam

Qira (Arabic: قِيرة‎) was a Palestinian Arab village, located 23 kilometers southeast of Haifa. In Canaanite times, the town was known as Yokneam, and in Roman times as Cimona.[2] Before its occupation by pre-state Israeli forces on 1 March 1948, it was locally referred to as Qira wa Qamun (Qamun being its neighbouring village).[2]

According to Ilan Pappe in The Israel/Palestine Question (1999), the 140 tenant farmers of Qira wa Qamun evacuated the village in March on the "friendly advice" of the local Haganah intelligence officer at Yokneam, Yehuda Burstein.[3] Benny Morris notes that Burnstein received the orders for the evacuation from Yosef Weitz.[4] The Haganah Intelligence Report attributes the flight to "fear and the influence of attacks in the area," which Morris notes is "not really the same thing."[3] Subsequent to the depopulation of the village, Weitz and his colleagues from the Jewish National Fund in the North, "decided to raze the tenants' houses, to destroy their crops, and to pay the evictees compensation."[4]

Qira wa Qamun's inhabitants joined the first wave of the 1948 Palestinian exodus, displaced prior to the outbreak of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.[4] Today, the villagers and their descendants remain refugees.[2]

At least 19 archaeological sites were located within the village's land area, the most renown of these being Tel Qiri and Tel Qamun.[2]

The Jewish localities of Yokneam, Yokneam Illit and kibbutz Hazorea were established on the former lands of Qira.[2]

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