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Quentin Turnbull

Quentin Turnbull
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Weird Western Tales #22 (March–April 1974)
Created by Michael Fleisher
Tony DeZuniga
In-story information
Team affiliations Black Lantern Corps

Quentin Turnbull is a fictional character featured in DC Comics' Jonah Hex series. He first appeared in Weird Western Tales #22 (March–April 1974). He was created by Michael Fleisher and Tony DeZuniga.

Fictional character biography

Quentin Turnbull is a Virginian plantation owner who swears vengeance upon Jonah Hex for causing the death of Turnbull's son, Jeb, during the Civil War. Turnbull enlists the aid of various criminals including El Papagayo and The Chameleon. Many years later Turnbull begins to track down Hex, with the intention of having him killed for his crimes. His first effort is to send a team of five ex-Confederates to take him down, but Jonah manages to kill all of them. [1] He next hires a corrupt Sheriff, but the man is killed during the confusion of an attempted Presidential assassination. [2] In desperation, he puts a price on the bounty hunter's head and sends outlaws to do the deed. [3] Hex returns to Richmond with the intention of making peace with Turnbull, but Turnbull has him captured. They put Jonah on a trial with the Fort Charlotte survivors as his jury, and he is condemned to death. Hex escapes, but is unable to clear his name. [4] [5]

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night event, Turnbull is reanimated as a Black Lantern. Working alongside the Black Lantern Hex, Turnbull tracks down his own great-great-grandson, Joshua, and kills him.[6]

In other media


  • Quentin Turnbull is the main antagonist of the 2010 film Jonah Hex, portrayed by John Malkovich. According to that film's storyline, Turnbull is a former general officer in the Confederate Army, who, after the Battle of Gettysburg, intentionally targets civilians - hospitals, churches, schools - in an attempt to turn the Union's people against their government. During the final years of the war, he orders Jonah Hex to burn down a hospital, but Hex refuses, and is forced to kill Turnbull's son, Jeb. Hex later turns Turnbull and his men in to the Union military. Swearing vengeance, Turnbull ties up Hex outside his house and forces him to watch as his house is burned down with Hex's wife and son inside. He then brands Hex's face with the initials "QT" and leaves him to die. Hex later removes the initials by searing his face with a heated tomahawk. Turnbull fakes his death and lies low for several years, resurfacing to mastermind a terrorist attack on the United States during its centennial celebrations. He steals a "superweapon" designed by Eli Whitney, and plans to use it, mounted on an ironclad, to level Washington, D.C.. He is killed when Hex traps him aboard the ship and detonates the magazine, exploding the ship.


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