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Quickie (sex)

For other uses, see Quickie (disambiguation).
Quickies usually don't allow much time for proper stimulation, and therefore, not much time for all removal of clothing

A quickie refers to a brief or spontaneous episode of sexual activity, with the act finishing in a very short amount of time.

Generally the term presupposes that foreplay is skipped and that at least one of the partners climaxes. A quickie may involve an intercourse or be limited to manual or oral sex.[1] According to some, a quickie between a heterosexual couple generally satisfies only the man's desire;[1] others claim that quickies (with intercourse or some other form of stimulation of the vulva) can be "a major turn-on" for a woman as well, but still may not give a woman enough time to lubricate naturally, and so require the use of an artificial water-based lubricant.[2] Some consider quickies a solution to unequal sexual desire in a relationship, but if they become the only form of sex, the relationship may suffer.[1]


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