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Azerbaijani dish: Kükü and Gutab
Course Main course
Place of origin Azerbaijan
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Beef, leek
Variations Yashyl Qutab (Green Qutab), Qutab with pumpkin, Qarın qutabı, Shamakhy Qutab, Corat Qutab
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Qutab is an Azerbaijani dish made from thinly rolled dough that is cooked briefly on a convex griddle known as saj.[1][2][3]


Qutab is made by creating stiff dough from flour, water, eggs and salt, rolling it into a thin layer, cut a groove circles. In the middle of each circle to put stuffing and wrapped in crescent-shaped. Fry patties on both sides. When serving, pour over butter. Qutab is usually served with yoghurt with green coriander, fennel and sumac.[4][5]


There are a lot of variations of qutab, usually pumpkin and greens are used as fillings.[6] There are also Shamakhy qutab, Yashyl Qutab and Qarın qutabı, deve qutabi specific for Jorat settlement. They are regional variations of qutab in Azerbaijan.[7][8]

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