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RELA Corps

"RELA Corps" (or Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia; English: Volunteers of Malaysian People) is a paramilitary civil volunteer corps formed by the Malaysian government. Their main duty is to check the travelling documents and immigration permits of foreigners in Malaysian cities, including tourists, visitors and migrants to reduce the increasing rate of illegal immigrants in Malaysia. RELA has the authority to deal with situations like policemen, such as raiding suspected streets or places such as factories, restaurants and even hotels. They are also fully authorised to conduct the interrogation and even detaining people who forgot to bring their travelling documents, like passports and/or working permits. Besides that they are also tasked with security works at times. During times of war, they are absorbed into the Malaysian Army as support groups despite their law enforcing duties. They are also tasked to do SAR works if needed.

Mission and Objective

  • Vision

To prepare, train, and maintain a volunteer force as the Nation's line of defence and to guard the welfare of the citizens of Malaysia.

  • Mission

To deploy and mobilise the volunteer force to reduce Illegal Immigrant and to assist other enforcement agencies to maintain peace and security throughout Malaysia.

  • Objective

Help preserve national security, peace and well fare of the Malaysian citizens and to reduce Illegal Immigrant

Roles and Priorities

During War or Emergency

  • To maintain and preserve public order and security of local area before being handed over to the Armed Forces.
  • To lead and protect the citizens to a safer area.
  • War combatants and psyops
  • As "eyes" and "ears" of the military and the government
  • Help the armed forces to operate patrols, intelligence, security force, and to provide direct defence on all strategic interest in their area.



Overall 2,873,671
Platoons  ?
Male 1,703,852
Female 1,169,819


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