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Radical History Review

Radical History Review  
Language English
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Duke University Press (United States)
ISSN 0163-6545 (print)
1534-1453 (web)
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Radical History Review is a scholarly journal published by Duke University Press.[1]

The journal positions itself "at the point where rigorous historical scholarship and active political engagement converge".[2] The Journal addresses "issues of gender, race, sexuality, imperialism, and class, stretching the boundaries of historical analysis to explore Western and non-Western histories".[3] It advertises that it "publishes the best marxist and non-marxist radical scholarship in jargon-free English".[4]

The New Criterion describes RHR as "a publication that plainly states it 'rejects conventional notions of scholarly neutrality and 'objectivity,' and approaches history from an engaged, critical, political stance.'"[5]

"The journal has recently distinguished itself by publishing a series of interviews with (several historians) exploring the relationship in their work between historical scholarship and political commitment."[6]

In 1999, the editors described "the journal's recent move toward a more overtly political discussion of historical topics".[7]


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