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RadioWest (KUER)

Genre interviews
Running time 52 minutes
Country United States
Language(s) English
Home station KUER
Syndicates Public Radio International, XM satellite radio
Host(s) Doug Fabrizio
Producer(s) Benjamin Bombard and Elaine Clark
Recording studio Salt Lake City, Utah
Air dates since May 21, 2001
Website Radio West
Podcast Podcast RSS

RadioWest is an hour-long radio show on history, politics, arts and culture, with a focus on the western United States and especially Utah. Hosted by Doug Fabrizio, it is produced at KUER. The show has hosted Spike Lee,[1] Isabel Allende,[2] Neil deGrasse Tyson,[3] the Dalai Lama,[4] and Desmond Tutu.[5] RadioWest often addresses topics related to Mormonism such as Proposition 8[6] and the excommunication of Kate Kelly for her participation in Ordain Women.

RadioWest has received awards from the Utah Headliners Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Utah Broadcaster's Association.[7][8] RadioWest is well known in Utah; for example Radio From Hell's Kerry Jackson has a 'man-crush' on Doug and RadioWest.[9]


Regular shows include

  • Sundance: Each winter during the Sundance film festival, Doug interviews creators of several films shown at the show.
  • Documentary films are regularly discussed under the "Through the Lens" label.
  • Music: Shows with live music from local bands such as Fictionist are hosted several times a year under the "Local Music" label.
  • Culture and Science: Books, musicals, plays, and TV shows of regional and local interest are discussed. Typically the author, producer, etc... is brought as a guest, often with others who have an academic or other special interest in the topic.

Other notable topics include:


Lists of episodes for 2009-2012 are given below.[12] Since the first show on 21 May 2001,[13][14] RadioWest has been heard weekdays on KUER. Approximately one fifth of the shows are rebroadcasts.

Lists of Guests by Year: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

Notable Guests

International figures: The Dalai Lama,[15] Desmond Tutu.[16]

Politicians: Bob Bennett, Jim Matheson,[17] Rocky Anderson,

Film-makers: Spike Lee,[18] Eugene Jarecki, Frederick Wiseman, Tiffany Shlain, Lucy Walker, Producer Steve James, David Auburn

Authors: Wendell Berry,[19] Jonah Lehrer, Abraham Verghese,[20] Brady Udall, Bill Harley

Historians: Robert Kagan, Dan Flores

Journalists: Adam Davidson, John Avlon,[21] Cullen Murphy[22]

Scientists: Neil deGrasse Tyson,[23] Brian Greene, Richard Dawkins[24]

Religion: Alain de Botton, Elaine Pagels, Joanna Brooks,[25] John Dehlin, Kate Kelly

Other: Isabel Allende,[26] Ethel Kennedy, Rory Kennedy


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