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Radio station

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Amateur station in France (2008)

Radio station (short: station) is – according to Article 1.61 of the International Telecommunication Union´s (ITU) RR[1] – defined as "one or more transmitters or receivers or a combination of transmitters and receivers, including the accessory equipment, necessary at one location for carrying on a radiocommunication service, or the radio astronomy service. Each station shall be classified by the service in which it operates permanently or temporarily."

Each station shall be classified by the service in which it operates permanently or temporarily.

Table of radio stations

Section IV of Article 1 of the ITU Radio Regulations sets out the definitions of some 30 radio stations including such stations as the fixed station, the mobile station, the land mobile station, the broadcasting station as well as the definition of amateur radio station.

ITU RR Article[2] Definition radio stations and systems
Description Short
1.61 Radio station See definition above.
1.62 Terrestrial station
1.63 Earth station
Main article: Earth station
1.64 Space station
Main article: Space station
1.66 Fixed station
1.66 Mobile station
1.67 Mobile earth station
1.69 Land station
1.70 Land earth station
1.73 Mobile land station
1.74 Mobile earth station of the Land mobile-satellite service
1.75 Coast station
Main article: Coast station
1.76 Coast earth station
1.77 Sea station
1.78 Ship station
1.80 Harper station
1.81 Aeronautical station
1.82 Aeronautical earth station
1.83 Aircraft station
1.84 Aircraft earth station
1.85 Broadcasting station
1.86 Radar station
1.87 Mobile navigation station
1.91 Radio direction finder
1.92 Radiobeacon
1.93 Emergency position-indicating radiobeacon
1.94 Satellite emergency position-indicating radiobeacon
1.96 Amateur station
Main article: Amateur radio station
1.97 Radio astronomy station
1.98 Experimental station A station utilizing radio waves in experiments with a view to the development of science or technique. This definition does not include amateur stations.
1.99 ...
1.100 Radar
Main article: Radar
1.104 Instrument landing system ILS
1.105 Localizer of the Instrument landing system LOC
Main article: Localizer
1.106 Glide slop of the Instrument landing system GS
1.107 Marker beacon
Main article: Marker beacon
1.108 Radiosonde
Main article: Radiosonde
1.109 Radio altimeter
Main article: Radio altimeter
1.110 Stace system
1.111 Satellite system
1.115 Feeder link


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