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Rally Poland

The Rally of Poland (in Polish, Rajd Polski) is a motorsport event for rally cars that was first established in 1921. It is second-oldest rally in the world, preceded only by Monte Carlo Rally. In 1973, the Rally of Poland was the one of the thirtern rounds of newly established FIA World Rally Championship, but was removed from the 1974 calendar. It later found a place as a round of the European Rally Championship, and after a move to Mikołajki in the Masurian Lake District in 2005, event organisers started lobbying for the event's inclusion as a round of the World Rally Championship. After being run as a candidate event in 2007 and 2008, Poland returned to the World Rally Chamiopnship in 2009, which was won by Mikko Hirvonen. However, the event was once again removed after a single season, and was replaced by Rally Bulgaria.

During the 2012 season, the FIA put forward a tender for new events, and after a delay of one year, considered events in Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa and Poland for inclusion on the 2014 season calendar. The Rally of Poland was the successful candidate, and will return to the championship in 2014. The proposed route will feature stages in nearby Lithuania, in a format similar to the Rally of Sweden, which crosses over the border into Norway.[1]

The winners of the rally

Year Driver Car
1921 23x15px Tadeusz Heyne Dodge
1922 23x15px Hans Lorenz Steyr
1923 23x15px Henryk Liefeld Austro-Daimler
23x15px Jan Siroucek Praga Grand
1924 23x15px Henryk Liefeld Austro-Daimler
1925 23x15px Charles Betague Austro-Daimler
1927 23x15px Stanisław Szwarcsztajn Austro-Daimler
1928 23x15px Cipriano Illiano Fiat 509
1929 23x15px Adam hr. Potocki Austro-Daimler g.D
23x15px Josef Vermirovsky Tatra g.F
23x15px Teodor Kredl Praga Piccolo g.G
23x15px Jan Ripper Tatra g.E
23x15px Jaroslav Heusler Praga Grand g.C
Aachim baron Haebler Maybach g.B
1930 23x15px Michał Bitny-Szlachta Ford g.A
23x15px Zygmunt Rahnenfeld Fiat 525 g.B
23x15px Adam hr. Potocki Austro-Daimler g.C
1937 23x15px Paul von Guillaeume Adler Trumpf g.II
23x15px Aleksander Mazurek Chevrolet Master Sedan g.V
23x15px Wojciech Kołaczkowski DKW Meisterklasse g.I
1938 23x15px Jan Ripper Fiat 1100 g.I
23x15px Stanisław Szwarcsztajn Lancia Aprilia g.II
23x15px Hans Rauch Mercedes-Benz 230 g.IV
23x15px Witold Rychter Chevrolet Master Sedan g.V
23x15px Jerzy Strenger Citroën Légère g.III
1939 23x15px Tadeusz Marek Chevrolet Master Sedan g.IV
23x15px Stefan Grossman Citroën g.II
23x15px Stefan Pronaszko Renault Primaquatre g.III
23x15px Renato Ghisalba Fiat 1100 g.I
1947 23x15px Marian Wierzba Lancia Super Sport g.III
23x15px Witold Rychter Chevrolet Master Sedan g.V
23x15px Zygmunt Andrzejewski Willys g.IV
23x15px Edward Loth KdF g.II
23x15px Alfred Pecko DKW g.I
1948 23x15px Ivan Hodac Aero-Minor g.I
23x15px Vaclav Bobek Škoda 1101 g.II
23x15px Julian Łączyński Lancia g.III
23x15px A. Anton BMW g.IV
23x15px Jiri Pohl Jaguar g.V
23x15px Józef Sucharda Jaguar g.VI
1954 23x15px Alfons Zielkowski DKW 750 T
23x15px Zbigniew Witkowski Fiat 1100 1300 T
23x15px Edward Niziołek Opel Olympia 1600 T
23x15px Zygmunt Skoczkowski Tatraplan 2000 T
23x15px Stanisław Gustaw FSO Warszawa M-20 2600 T
23x15px Bolesław Majkowski Ford 2600+T
23x15px Stanisław Rusiniak BMW 1600 S
23x15px Franciszek Postawka BMW 328 1600+
1955 23x15px Edward Niziołek Opel Olympia g.VI
23x15px Bolesław Majkowski Ford de Luxe g.IX
23x15px Marian Repeta FSO Warszawa M-20 g.VIII
23x15px Henryk Olszewski Škoda g.IV-V
23x15px Jerzy Zaczeniuk Citroën g.VII
23x15px Jacek Dzięciołowski DKW g.III
23x15px Grzegorz Timoszek BMW 328 g.Sport
1956 23x15px Marian Repeta FSO Warszawa M-20 g.VIII
23x15px Jerzy Opiela DKW g.III
23x15px Edward Niziołek Citroën BL 11 g.VII
23x15px Janusz Solarski Škoda 1100 g.IV-V
23x15px Kazimierz Tarczyński BMW g.VI-S
23x15px Jan Jagielski Opel Olympia g.VI
1957 23x15px Adam Wędrychowski Zwickau P-70 g.III-T
23x15px Mlado Vukovic DKW g.IV-T
23x15px S. Vidmar Porsche 356 1300 S g.V-S
23x15px Walerian Waryszewski BMW 328 g.VII-S
23x15px Mieczysław Sochacki FSO Warszawa M-20 g.VIII-T
23x15px Marek Varisella DKW F8 g.III-S
23x15px Bolesław Majkowski Simca 8 g.V-T
23x15px Władysław Paszkowski Opel Olympia g.VII-T
1959 23x15px Kurt Rüdiger Wartburg g.IV
23x15px Krzysztof Komornicki Simca Aronde g.V
23x15px Henryk Ruciński Ford Zephyr g.VIII
23x15px Stanisław Wierzba FSO Syrena g.III
23x15px Andrzej Żymirski Opel Olympia g.VII
1960 23x15px Walter Schock Mercedes-Benz 220SE
1961 23x15px Eugen Böhringer Mercedes-Benz 220SE
1962 23x15px Eugen Böhringer Mercedes-Benz 220SE
1963 23x15px Dieter Glemser Mercedes-Benz 220SE
1964 23x15px Sobiesław Zasada Steyr-Puch 650TR
1965 23x15px Rauno Aaltonen BMC Mini Cooper S
1966 23x15px Tony Fall BMC Mini Cooper
1967 23x15px Sobiesław Zasada Porsche 912
1968 23x15px Krzysztof Komornicki Renault R8 Gordini
1969 23x15px Sobiesław Zasada Porsche 911S
1970 23x15px Jean-Claude Andruet Alpine-Renault A110 1600
1971 23x15px Sobiesław Zasada BMW 2002 tii
1972 23x15px Raffaele Pinto Fiat 124 Spider Rally
1973 23x15px Achim Warmbold Fiat 124 Abarth Rally
1974 23x15px Klaus Russling Porsche 911 Carrera RS
1975 23x15px Maurizio Verini Fiat 124 Abarth
1976 23x15px Andrzej Jaroszewicz Lancia Stratos HF
1977 23x15px Bernard Darniche Lancia Stratos HF
1978 23x15px Gilbert Staepelaere Ford Escort RS1800
1979 23x15px Antonio Zanini Fiat 131 Abarth
1980 23x15px Antonio Zanini Porsche 911
1984 23x15px Ingvar Carlsson Mazda RX-7
1985 23x15px Branislav Kuzmic Renault 5T
1986 23x15px Branislav Kuzmic Renault 5T
1987 23x15px Attila Ferjancz Audi Coupé Quattro
1988 23x15px Marc Soulet Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1989 23x15px Robert Droogmans Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
1990 23x15px Robert Droogmans Lancia Delta Integrale
1991 23x15px Piero Liatti Lancia Delta Integrale
1992 23x15px Erwin Weber Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
1993 23x15px Robert Droogmans Ford Escort Cosworth
1994 23x15px Patrick Snijers Ford Escort Cosworth
1995 23x15px Enrico Bertone Toyota Celica T 4WD
1996 23x15px Krzysztof Hołowczyc Toyota Celica T 4WD
1997 23x15px Patrick Snijers Ford Escort Cosworth WRC
1998 23x15px Krzysztof Hołowczyc Subaru Impreza WRC
1999 23x15px Robert Gryczyński Toyota Corolla WRC
2000 23x15px Henrik Lundgaard Toyota Corolla WRC
2001 23x15px Leszek Kuzaj Toyota Corolla WRC
2002 23x15px Janusz Kulig Ford Focus RS WRC
2003 23x15px Miguel Campos Peugeot 206 WRC
2004 23x15px Luca Pedersoli Peugeot 306 Maxi Kit Car
2005 23x15px Krzysztof Hołowczyc Subaru Impreza N11
2006 23x15px Leszek Kuzaj Subaru Impreza N12
2007 23x15px Oscar Svedlund Subaru Impreza N12
2008 23x15px Michał Bębenek Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
2009 23x15px Mikko Hirvonen Ford Focus RS WRC 09
2010 23x15px Kajetan Kajetanowicz Subaru Impreza STR09
2011 23x15px Kajetan Kajetanowicz Subaru Impreza STR09
2012 23x15px Esapekka Lappi Škoda Fabia S2000
2013 23x15px Kajetan Kajetanowicz Ford Fiesta R5
2014 23x15px Sebastien Ogier Volkswagen Polo R WRC


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