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Ralph Siegel

For the scientist, see Ralph Siegel (scientist).

Ralph Siegel (born 30 September 1945 in Munich) is a German record producer and songwriter.[1] He is married to the opera singer Kriemhild Jahn. He has three daughters, one of them Giulia Siegel divorced from German entrepreneur Hans Wehrmann.

Siegel is one of the most notable figures at the Eurovision Song Contest, in which he has participated with 22 songs so far, the latest being the 2015 Sammarinese entry "Chain of Lights" by Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini. In 1982, Siegel's and Bernd Meinunger's song "Ein bißchen Frieden" (A Little Peace), performed by Nicole won the Contest and became a hit in Europe.

In February 2010, it was announced by RTÉ that he would have an entry in the Irish National Final-Eurosong 2010. The song titled 'River of Silence' was performed by Lee Bradshaw. It ended in the last. He also composed 'C'était ma vie', performed by Lys Assia for representing Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest. She reached an 8th position in Swiss National Final.

Eurovision Song Contest participations

Year Song Artist Country Position
1974 "Bye Bye I Love You" Ireen Sheer 23x15px Luxembourg 4th
1976 "Sing Sang Song" Les Humphries Singers 23x15px Germany 15th
1979 "Dschinghis Khan" Dschinghis Khan 23x15px Germany 4th
1980 "Theater" Katja Ebstein 23x15px Germany 2nd
1980 "Papa Pingouin" Sophie & Magaly 23x15px Luxembourg 9th
1981 "Johnny Blue" Lena Valaitis 23x15px Germany 2nd
1982 "Ein bißchen Frieden" Nicole 23x15px Germany 1st
1985 "Children, Kinder, Enfants" Ireen Sheer, C. & M. Roberts, Olivier, Solomon]] 23x15px Luxembourg 13th
1987 "Lass die Sonne in dein Herz" Wind 23x15px Germany 2nd
1988 "Lied für einen Freund" Maxi & Chris Garden 23x15px Germany 14th
1990 "Frei zu leben" Chris Kempers & Daniel Kovac 23x15px Germany 9th
1992 "Träume sind für alle da" Wind 23x15px Germany 16th
1992 "Soleil, soleil" Geraldine Olivier 23x16px  Switzerland DQ
1994 "Wir geben 'ne Party" Mekado 23x15px Germany 3rd
1997 "Zeit" Bianca Shomburg 23x15px Germany 18th
1999 "Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs'e seyahat" Sürpriz 23x15px Germany 3rd
2002 "I Can't Live Without Music" Corinna May 23x15px Germany 21st
2003 "Let's Get Happy" Lou 23x15px Germany 11th
2006 "If We All Give a Little" six4one 23x16px  Switzerland 17th
2009 "Just Get Out of My Life" Andrea Demirović 23x15px Montenegro 11th (semifinal)
2012 "The Social Network Song" Valentina Monetta 23x15px San Marino 14th (semifinal)
2013 "Crisalide (Vola)" Valentina Monetta 23x15px San Marino 11th (semifinal)
2014 "Maybe" Valentina Monetta 23x15px San Marino 24th
2015 "Chain of Lights" Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini 23x15px San Marino 16th (semifinal)

National final participations

Year Song Artist Country Position
1972 "Hallelujah Man" Marion Maertz 23x15px Germany unplaced
1972 "Mein Geschenk an dich" Adrian Wolf 23x15px Germany unplaced
1972 "Meine Liebe will ich dir geben" Edina Pop 23x15px Germany unplaced
1975 "Alles geht vorüber" Peggy March 23x15px Germany 2nd
1979 "Ein Blick sagt mehr als jedes Wort" Gebrüder Blattschuß 23x15px Germany 12th
1980 "Pan" Costa Cordalis 23x15px Germany 2nd
1981 "Mannequin" The Hornettes 23x15px Germany 2nd
1982 "Peter Pan" Paola 23x15px Germany 2nd
1982 "Blue-Jeans-Kinder" Marianne Rosenberg 23x15px Germany 8th
1984 "Tingel Tangel Man" Harmony Four 23x15px Germany 3rd
1985 "Grün Grün Grün" Caro Pukke 23x15px Germany 4th
1985 "Die Glocken von Rom" Heike Schäfer 23x15px Germany 2nd
1986 "Telefon" That's Life 23x15px Germany 12th
1986 "Clowns" Clowns 23x15px Germany 6th
1986 "Die Engel sind auch nicht mehr das was sie war'n" Chris Heart Band 23x15px Germany 3rd
1986 "Wir gehör'n zusammen" Dschinghis Khan Family 23x15px Germany 2nd
1987 "Aus" Cassy 23x15px Germany 7th
1987 "Frieden für die Teddybären" Maxi & Chris Garden 23x15px Germany 2nd
1988 "Tanzen geh'n" Tammy Swift 23x15px Germany 7th
1989 "Ich hab' Angst" Dorkas 23x15px Germany 3rd
1996 "Echoes" Angela Wiedl & Dalila Cernatescu 23x15px Germany 3rd
1997 "Engel" All About Angels 23x15px Germany 7th
1998 "Can Can" Ballhouse 23x15px Germany 6th
1998 "Carneval" Köpenick 23x15px Germany 7th
1998 "Kids" Sharon Brauner 23x15px Germany 8th
2000 "I Believe in God" Corinna May 23x15px Germany 2nd
2001 "A Song for our Friends" German Tenors 23x15px Germany 4th
2001 "Happy Birthday Party" Lou & Band 23x15px Germany 3rd
2003 "This Night Should Never End" Petra Frey 23x15px Austria 2nd
2004 "It's a Wonderful Life" Ali & Lis 23x15px Malta 5th
2005 "Time to Fall in Love Again" Louisanne Tate 23x15px Malta 14th
2005 "Don't Stop the Party" Ali & Lis 23x15px Malta 8th
2005 "The Angels Are Tired" Manuel 23x15px Malta 7th
2005 "He" Eleanor Cassar 23x15px Malta 10th
2005 "Addio, Ciao" Aldo Busuttil 23x15px Malta 5th
2005 "Sunshine in Your Eyes" Keith Camilleri 23x15px Malta 4th
2005 "A Miracle of Love" Nicole Süßmilch & Marco Matias 23x15px Germany 2nd
2009 "Innocent Heart" Ruth Portelli 23x15px Malta eliminated at SF4
2009 "Tonight at the Opera" Classic Rebels 23x15px Malta 5th
2009 "Blame it on Your Heart" Ruth Portelli 23x15px Malta eliminated at SF5
2010 "Rivers of Silence" Lee Bradshaw 23x15px Ireland 5th (Last)
2011 "Não estamos sós" Emanual Santos 23x15px Portugal 20th on online selection
2011 "I'll Follow the Sunshine" Domenique Azzopardi 23x15px Malta Final 24
2011 "This Is My Life" Valeria Tarasova 23x15px Moldova 7th
2012 "C'était ma vie" Lys Assia 23x16px  Switzerland 8th
2012 "Save a Little Sunshine" Irina Tarasiuc & MC Gootsa 23x15px Moldova 6th
2012 "Mondo blu" Oksana Nesterenko 23x15px Ukraine 3rd
2013 "All in Your Head" Lys Assia feat. New Jack 23x16px  Switzerland eliminated on online selection
2014 "Over the Limit" Edona Gjinaj 23x16px  Switzerland eliminated on online selection


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