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Rap GTP-binding protein

member of RAS oncogene family
Symbol RAP1A
Entrez 5906
HUGO 9855
OMIM 179520
RefSeq NM_002884
UniProt P62834
Other data
Locus Chr. 1 p13.3
member of RAS oncogene family
Symbol RAP1B
Entrez 5908
HUGO 9857
OMIM 179530
RefSeq NM_015646
UniProt P61224
Other data
Locus Chr. 12 q14

Rap GTP-binding protein also known as Ras-related proteins or simply RAP is a type of small GTPase, similar in structure to Ras.

These proteins share approximately 50% amino acid identity with the classical RAS proteins and have numerous structural features in common. The most striking difference between RAP proteins and RAS proteins resides in their 61st amino acid: glutamine in RAS is replaced by threonine in RAP proteins. RAP counteracts the mitogenic function of RAS because it can interact with RAS GAPs and RAF in a competitive manner.[1][2]

Family members

Human genes that encode Ras-related proteins include:


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