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Renault Clio Cup

For more details on for the European one-make series, see Eurocup Mégane Trophy.
Renault Clio Cup
Category One-make racing by Renault
Country 19 different countries
(Europe, Latin America, China)
Inaugural season 1966
Constructors Renault
Official website

The Renault Clio Cup is a one-make racing series created and managed by Renault Sport. As the name suggests, Renault Clio cars are used, and are grouped in 15 national championships and an International Cup.


File:Renault Clio Copa Clio Brasil W Racing.jpg
Copa Clio Brasil, W Racing 2006 car

There are currently 15 national championships: Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

French Cup

The French Clio Cup has been held since 2004.

The French Cup started in 1966 and used in succession Renault 8 Gordini (1966–1970), Renault 12 Gordini (1971–1974), Renault 5 LS kitée (1975–1976), Renault 5 Alpine (1977–1981), Renault 5 Alpine Turbo (1982–1984), Renault 5 GT Turbo (1985–1990), Renault Clio 16S (1991–1996) and Renault Mégane Coupé 16V (1997–2000).[1] The French Cup wasn't held between 2001 and 2003.

Belgian Cup

This series started in 2001 as the Renault Sport Clio Cup Elf, but in 2005 the championship was cancelled due to the lack of participants.[2] It returned in 2008 as the Renault Clio Cup Belux 2008 with 6 meetings.[3]

The Renault Cup started in 1987 with the Renault 5 GT Turbo Cup organised jointly with the Netherlands.[4] The Benelux championship switch into Belgian Cup with Renault Clio 16S between 1991 and 1996. Then it was Renault Mégane Coupé 16V (1997–2000) and finally the actual Clio cup (2001–2004, and since 2008).

United Kingdom Cup

The series' first winner of the inaugural race for Renault 5 TLs held in Brands Hatch was Maggie Loynd in 1974. The series, now known as the Courier Connections Renault UK Clio Cup, are now held as a support race to the British Touring Car Championship. The series previously supported the British leg of the World Series by Renault event.

The series saw subsequently these cars:

  • Renault 5 TL (1974–1977)
  • Renault 5 TS (1977–1985)
  • Renault 5 GT Turbo (1985–1990)
  • Renault Clio 16V Mark I (1991–1995)
  • Renault Sport Spider (1996–1999)
  • Clio Renaultsport 172 (2000–2001)
  • Clio Renaultsport 182 (2002–2006)
  • Clio Renaultsport 197 (since 2007).[5]

The series' past champion winners includes Andy Priaulx, Jason Plato and Tom Onslow-Cole. Other than that, past drivers of the series that were notable outside of racing were Andrew Ridgeley of the pop group Wham! in 1985[6] and it introduced actor Rowan Atkinson to motorsport, which he raced seldom between 1984 to 1990. One of his races was documented for his one-off show, Driven Man.

The car has since re-emerged for a reunion race in 2004, which he aimed to compete in, but had to be substituted by Perry McCarthy, due to illness. Atkinson bought the car following the race and was auctioned off in a Bonhams auction in 2005.

This years championship winner will be presented with a freshly restored Renault 5 GT Turbo, a winner's prize put forward by title sponsor Courier Connections to mark their 20th anniversary in business and the 40th anniversary of the Clio Cup

Other championships

Other one-make racing with Renault cars

Defunct championships:

The current car

Since 2008, the championship uses Renault Clio 197 with an F4R RS 2.0 litre engine.

  • Engine: Renault F4R RS, 4 cylinder, 16 valve, 1998 cc.
  • Transmission: Sequentially controlled, dog-clutch box with 6 forward gears and controlled differential.
  • Suspension: Front: McPherson; Rear: Transverse trailing link, rigid bearings.
  • Brakes: Discs, Front: ventilated ø280; Rear: solid ø238
  • Wheels: Single piece 8 x 17 magnesium alloy combination
  • Tyres: Michelin S9A (dry) or P2B (rain) 19x57x15
  • Dimensions: Wheelbase: 2475 mm; Length/Width: 3772 mm/1675 mm
  • Capacities: 50 litres
  • Weight: 930 kg

Current regulations

The points scoring system changes according to national series. 'Bonus' points are generally awarded for fastest laps and pole positions in each round.


Renault Clio Cup Champions
Year 23x15px Argentina[9] 23x15px Belgium 23x15px Brazil[10][11] 23x15px Denmark[12] 23x15px France[1] 23x15px Germany 23x15px Italy[13][14] 23x15px Mexico[15] 23x15px Netherlands 23x15px Portugal[16] Scandinavia[17] 23x15px Spain[18] 23x15px Slovenia 23x16px  Switzerland[19] 23x15px Turkey 23x15px United Kingdom[20] 23x15px United States 23x15px China
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Hong Kong Tommy Chan
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Hong Kong Eric Lo
2011 Not held Not held 23x15px Paul Rivett Not held 23x15px Steve Elmes
2010 23x15px Dave Newsham
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Hong Kong David Louie
2009 23x15px Nicolás Ursprung 23x15px François Verbist[21] 23x15px José C. Vitte 23x15px Claus Christensen 23x15px Nicolas Milan[22] 23x15px Cristian Ricciarini 23x15px Sandra van der Sloot[23] 23x15px Gonzalo Martín de Andres[24] 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Phil Glew [25]
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Hong Kong Aaron Kwok
2008 23x15px Facundo Della Motta[26] 23x15px François Verbist[27] 23x15px José Cordova 23x15px Per Poulsen 23x15px Maxime Martin 23x15px Andreas Kast 23x15px Simone Di Luca 23x15px Francisco Orozco[28] 23x15px Pim van Riet[29] 23x15px Antonio de la Reina[30] 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Ben Winrow Not held
2007 23x15px Agustín Canapino[31] Not held 23x15px José Cordova 23x15px Petter Granlund 23x15px Johan-Boris Scheier 23x15px Kristian Nägele 23x15px Massimiliano Pedalà 23x15px Tim Buijs[32] 23x15px Fernando Navarrete[33] 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Martin Byford
16px Niki Lanik †
2006 23x15px Jorge Loyarte 23x15px Claúdio Gontijo
16px Wagner Ebrahim †3[34]
23x15px Kasper Jensen 23x15px Johan-Boris Scheier 23x15px Wilko Becker 23x15px Massimiliano Pedalà 23x15px Mike Verschuur[35] 23x15px Luis Calleja[36] 23x16px Lukas Ryf 23x15px Tom Onslow-Cole
16px Niki Lanik †
2005 23x15px Gabriel Satorra[37] 23x15px José Cordova 23x15px Henrik Larsen 23x15px Nicolas Pierre 23x15px Massimiliano Pedalà 23x15px José González 23x15px Allard Kalff[38] 23x15px Juan Miguel Larios 23x16px Fred Yerly 23x15px Jonathan Adam
16px Matt Allison
2004 23x15px Humberto Krujoski[39] 23x15px Pierre-Yves Corthals 23x15px Renê Bauer 23x15px Jesper Davidsen 23x15px Ludovic Simon 23x15px Giuseppe Cirò 23x15px Ricardo Pérez de Lara 23x15px Sebastiaan Bleekemolen[40] 23x15px Hugo Godinho 23x15px Álvaro Rodríguez 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Selim Özgörkey[41] 23x15px Paul Rivett
16px Jonathan Adam
2003 23x15px Michel Heydens 23x15px Elias Nascimento Jr. Not held Not held 23x15px Pierre-Yves Corthals
16px Dirk Werner †2
23x15px Giuseppe Cirò 23x15px Eugenio Martín del Campo 23x15px Robert van den Berg[42] 23x15px João Pina Cardoso 23x15px Oscar Nogués 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Ahmet Atay[43] 23x15px Jonathan Fildes
16px Paul Rivett †
2002 23x15px Stéphane Lémeret[44] 23x15px Luiz Carreira Jr. 23x15px Sebastian Grunert
16px Michael Bellmann †2
Not held 23x15px Sebastiaan Bleekemolen[45]
16px Patrick de Jong †6
23x15px Patrick Cunha 23x15px Iván Portoles 23x16px Mathias Schläppi 23x15px Hakan Güven[46] 23x15px Paul Rivett
16px Tom Ferrier
2001 Not held 16px Stefan Neuberger †2 23x15px Jeroen Bleekemolen 23x15px Luís Veloso 23x15px Luis Miguel Reyes 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Daniel Buxton
2000 23x15px Pierre-Yves Corthals 23x15px Gilles Vannelet 23x15px Patrick Cunha 23x15px Alfredo Mostajo 23x16px Mathias Schläppi 23x15px Jim Edwards Jr
1999 23x15px Stéphane Lémeret[44] 23x15px Frédéric Gabillon 23x15px Francisco Carvalho 23x15px Alberto Hevia 23x16px Lorent Luyet 23x15px Andy Priaulx
1998 23x15px Jean-Claude Kamber 23x15px José João Magalhães 23x15px Javier Mora 23x16px Edy Kamm 23x15px Dan Eaves[47]
1997 23x15px Pierre-Yves Corthals 23x15px Guillaume Greuet 23x15px Luís Veloso 23x15px Victor Sáez 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Bryce Wilson
1996 23x15px Pierre-Yves Corthals 23x15px Eric Archambaud 23x15px Frans Verschuur 23x15px Vasco Campos 23x15px Leonardo Sabán 23x15px Alberto Zenic 23x16px Jo Lima 23x15px Jason Plato
1995 23x15px Pierre-Yves Corthals 23x15px Jean-François Poughon 23x15px Frans Verschuur 23x15px Vasco Campos 23x15px Nicolás Arribas 23x16px Balz Kamm 23x15px Lee Brookes
1994 23x15px Christophe Sarhy 23x15px Vasco Campos 23x15px Thomas Nielsen 23x15px Iván Rodríguez 23x16px Edy Kobelt 23x15px John Bintcliffe
1993 23x15px Frédéric Fezard 23x15px Maurizio Campani 23x15px Phil Bastiaans 23x15px José João Magalhães 23x15px Jan Nilsson 23x15px Ignacio Hervás 23x16px Daniel Hadorn 23x15px Alastair Lyall
1992 23x15px Jean-Marc Morizet 23x15px Luca Drudi 23x15px Frans Verschuur 23x15px Vítor Lopes 23x15px Kenny Bräck 23x15px Pablo Irizar 23x16px Stefan Bertschart 23x15px Matt Johnson
1991 23x15px Patrick Bourdais 23x15px Salvatore Pirro 23x15px Frans Verschuur 23x15px Albuquerque de Carvalho Not held 23x15px Enrique de la Puente 23x16px Marcel Klay
1990 23x15px Henri Lebeau 23x15px Mauro Gagliardini 23x15px Eduardo de Aysa 23x16px Philipp Steinauer 23x15px Jim Edwards Jr
1989 23x15px Jean-Louis Carponcin 23x15px Salvatore Pirro 23x15px Frans Verschuur 23x15px Enrique Codony 23x16px Hanspeter Bigler
1988 23x15px Bernard Castagné 23x15px Massimo Di Risio 23x15px Frans Verschuur 23x15px Tomás Saldaña 23x16px Charlie Grütter 23x15px Mike Davies †5[48]
1987 23x15px Michel Bourgault 23x15px Roberto Russo 23x15px Manuel Vidal 23x16px Urs Eberle 23x15px Barrie Williams 23x15px Mike Davies †5[48]
1986 Not held 23x15px Michel Duverney 23x15px "Pibo" 23x15px Antonio Castro 23x16px Michel Walpen 23x15px Scott Lagasse †5[49]
1985 23x15px Marc Ranucci 23x15px Marco Brand 23x15px Javier Moreno 23x16px Hermman Roth 23x15px Mark Fish 23x15px Parker Johnstone †4[50]
23x15px David Murry †5[51]
1984 23x15px Jean-Claude Dutrey 23x15px Marco Brand 23x15px Jesús Diez Villarroel 23x16px Herbert Furrer
1983 23x15px Jean-Michel Bernes 23x15px Ferruccio Zambaiti 23x15px Carlos Sainz 23x16px Armin Conrad
1982 23x15px Manuel Carvalho 23x15px Annino Conti 23x15px Rafael Ochoa 23x16px Rene Traversa
1981 23x15px Francis Canal 23x15px Massimo Ercolani 23x15px Luis Villamil 23x16px Stephan Lüscher Not held
1980 23x15px Denis Derepas 23x15px Luigi Giannini 23x15px Luis Pérez-Sala 23x16px Silvio Berger
1979 23x15px Eric Houdelekt 23x15px Titto Salvatori 23x15px César Hernández 23x16px Rolf Führer 23x15px Jim Edwards Sr
1978 23x15px Jean-Pierre Lajournade 23x15px Massimo Sigala 23x15px Fermín Sánchez 23x16px Hans Peter Uellinger 23x15px Neil McGrath[52]
1977 23x15px André Bourdon 23x15px Mauro Baldi 23x15px Arturo de Onís Not held
1976 23x15px Yves Fremont 23x15px Massimo Nardelli 23x15px José Sasiambarrena 23x15px Neil McGrath[52]
1975 23x15px Jean-Luc Rancon 23x15px "Baronio" 23x15px Ricardo García Galiano 23x15px Neil McGrath[52]
1974 23x15px Gérard Delplanque 23x15px Kuru Villacieros 23x15px Neil McGrath[52]
1973 23x15px Jean-Pierre Gabreau 23x15px Juan Escavias Not held
1972 23x15px René Metge 23x15px Kuru Villacieros
1971 23x15px Marc Sourd 23x15px Juan García Rasilla
1970 23x15px Bernard Mangé 23x15px Gerardo van Dulken
1969 23x15px Bernard Lagier 23x15px Salvador Cañellas
1968 23x15px Roland Trollé Not held
1967 23x15px François Lacarrau
1966 23x15px Jimmy Mieusset
Renault 8 Gordini Renault 8 TS Renault 12 Gordini Renault 5 LS kitée or TL Renault 5 TS Renault 5 Alpine Renault 5 Alpine Turbo Renault LeCar
Renault Encore Renault 5 GT Turbo Renault Clio 16S Renault Sport Spider Renault Mégane Coupé 16V Renault Clio 172 Renault Clio 182 Renault Clio 197

  • † = Winter Series Champion
  • †2 = Renault Clio V6 Champion
  • †3 = Renault Super Clio Cup
  • †4 = IMSA Renault Cup
  • †5 = SCCA Sports Renault
  • †5 = Junior championship winner
  • White square indicate years without championships

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