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Hello, welcome to the Fact and Reference Check WikiProject. The purpose of this project is to verify facts in Wikipedia by multiple independent sources. This project works to achieve the goals of the Wikipedia:Verifiability and Wikipedia:No original research official policies. We have some way to go before we attain this goal, but this project will help Wikipedia on its way.

Getting Started

  • Do you have an article/fact/reference that needs checking? See the Guidelines page for help with tagging articles for review and correction.
  • Do you need help creating citations? See the Guidelines page for information on how to write references and create citations


  • Do you want to help increase the quality of Wikipedia? Lend a hand with some of the Open Tasks, and add your name to the Participants list.
  • Do you have a question? Please feel free to comment on the project Talk page, and someone will try to help as soon as possible!


Scope and goals


This WikiProject covers the entire content of Wikipedia.


This WikiProject works to ensure the use of verified, reliable sources throughout Wikipedia. This is accomplished by:

  • Identifying and tagging claims that require verification with appropriate templates.
  • Performing fact and reference check services for articles with verification templates.
  • Providing assistance with verification to Wikipedia editors as necessary.


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