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Rise of the Ogre

Rise of the Ogre
Rise Of The Ogre book cover
Rise of the Ogre (cover)
Author Cass Browne / Gorillaz
Illustrator Jamie Hewlett & Zombie Flesh Eaters
Cover artist Jamie Hewlett
Language English
Publisher United Kingdom Michael Joseph Ltd.
United States Riverhead Books
Publication date
United Kingdom 26 October 2006
United States 2 November 2006
Pages 304
ISBN 1-59448-931-9
OCLC 75412673

Rise of the Ogre is an autobiography about the virtual band Gorillaz. Ostensibly written by the four band-members in collaboration with (actual) Gorillaz musician and official scribe Cass Browne, the book is 304 pages long and is extensively illustrated. It was released in the UK on 26 October 2006 by Michael Joseph Ltd.[1] and in the US on 2 November 2006 by Riverhead Books.[2] A paperback edition of the book was released in the US on 6 November 2007.[3]

Rise of the Ogre has also been released as the world's first audiobook singles. The four part audiobook was narrated by Joss Ackland. Initially an iTunes exclusive, one part was released every week for four weeks beginning 4 December 2006.[4] However, the audiobook on iTunes remains incomplete.


The book details the fictional life-stories of the band-members: Murdoc Niccals, 2D, Russel Hobbs and Noodle. It contains previously unknown secrets of the band, such as future plans of the movie, new and rare art by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, the "low down" on Kong Studios, their headquarters, and the story of the truth behind the "El Mañana" video. The book blends fact and fiction throughout, interspersing commentary from the fictional band members with actual quotes from their creators, collaborators and critics. The front cover of the book, when flipped sideways, is a mirage of Murdoc Niccals' pet raven 'Cortez'.


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