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Roma Ligocka

File:Roma Ligocka 2004.jpg
Roma Ligocka at The Cracow Book Fair in 2004

Roma Ligocka (born Rominka Liebling, 13 November 1938 in Kraków, Poland) is a Polish costume designer, writer, and painter.

She was born in a Jewish family in Kraków a year before World War II. During the German occupation of Poland her family was persecuted by the Nazis - her father was incarcerated, first in the Płaszów and then Auschwitz concentration camps. In 1940 she was taken with her mother to the Kraków Ghetto but before the end of the ghetto in 1943 they fled and hid with a Polish family. After World War II she studied painting and scenic design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Then she worked with considerable success in theatre, film and television as a set designer. In 1965 she and her husband Jan Biczycki left the Communist Poland and moved to Munich, Germany where she continued with her set design assignments.[1] Roma Ligocka is Roman Polanski's cousin. [2]

She has written several novels, some of them reflected her biography:

  • The Girl in the Red Coat (Dziewczynka w czerwonym płaszczyku)
  • Znajoma z lustra
  • Kobieta w podróży
  • Tylko ja sama (originally published in German)
  • Wszystko z miłości

Her novel The Girl in the Red Coat was inspired by Steven Spielberg's movie Schindler's List. After watching the movie she recognized herself as a Jewish child that wore a red coat.


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