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Roti john

File:Roti John - preparation.jpg
Roti John - preparation.
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Roti John - served.

Roti John, essentially an omelette sandwich, is a popular Malay breakfast and snack item in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.


The ingredients include minced meat (chicken or mutton), onion, egg, tomato-chilli sauce and a baguette-type loaf.

Preparation and Presentation

The minced meat, egg and chopped onions are fried on a frying pan and then placed into the cavity of a baguette halved lengthwise. The whole baguette is then briefly pan-fried on the frying pan and then served after being cut into several portions. A variant is to place the minced meat, onions and sauce inside the baguette, then baguette dipped into beaten egg, and the whole then panfried on the frying pan.


'Roti' is the Hindi, Urdu and Malay word for bread, and more generally for any bread-based or bread-like food, including sandwiches and pancakes. The origin of the 'John' in the name is allegedly due to the Western origin of the baguette and the tomato sauce used in the dish.

Historically authentic, original "roti john" created by a trader who hails from Tanjung Kling,Malacca conceived and created the recipe "bread john" in 1976 which was then adopted by the Malaysians Malacca where variations of the omelet sandwich were made. In Malaysia, sardines and other variations have been added.

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