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Rugby union in Guam

Rugby union in Guam
Country Guam
Governing body Guam Rugby Football Union
National team Guam
Registered players 527 (124 teenage)
Clubs 4

Rugby union in Guam is a minor but growing sport. They are currently ranked 82nd by the IRB.[1] Although Guam is often considered part of Oceania, it tends to take part in Asian rugby tournaments.

Governing body

The governing body is the Guam Rugby Football Union.[1]


Rugby came to Guam via three separate streams, firstly, through the visits of British, New Zealand and Australian sailors; secondly, through the American presence, which has been there from the turn of the twentieth century; and thirdly through contact with neighbouring Pacific islands, where the game is popular. Guam has also had a long running, but sometimes tempestuous, relationship with Japan. It is not known if the forces of the Japanese occupation in WWII played the game at all there, but certainly, a large number Japanese retirees have also taken an interest in promoting the game.

Modern rugby in Guam, really dates from the 1970s, however.[2]

In 1995, Guam Rugby Club was established, and they undertook tours to Saipan (Marianas), Palau, Pohnpei (Micronesia), and continental Asia.[2]

Guam rugby received another boost in 1999, when the island was chosen to host the South Pacific Games (SPG); rugby sevens had only been approved as an official sport the previous year.[2]

In 2003, a full-time development officer was employed, and in 2004, the game was officially introduced into schools.[2]

The main rugby ground is the Wettengel Football Field.

Guam takes part in the Pacific Asia region of the Asian Five Nations

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