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STATS was founded in 1981. As of 2015, it has expanded to become a global company and is the world's largest sports technology, data, and content company. Its stated mission is to revolutionize the way sports contests are viewed, understood, played and enjoyed. It was founded on April 30, 1981[1] by John Dewan,[2] who became the company's CEO. STATS was an outgrowth of the grassroots non-profit Project Scoresheet, a volunteer network created to collect baseball statistics, prompted by a suggestion made by Bill James, who later joined STATS for a time.

STATS provides sports technology, data and content to multimedia platforms, television broadcasters, leagues and teams, fantasy providers and players as well as major B2B and B2C brands. STATS also offers Associated Press editorial content and maintains relationships with many major sports leagues worldwide.

Using a proprietary system of sports data collection and processing, STATS covers more than 300 leagues and competitions across the globe for a total of 83,000 events annually.

STATS is headquartered outside of Chicago, Illinois, with offices globally.

Unique Data

X-Info™: Provides detailed summaries of events that occur in a game and integrated them with traditional play-by-play coverage to create its content, which includes information used by sports operations in a variety of formats, including coaching, front office and scouting. X-Info is available for NFL, NCAA Football and the MLB.

SportVU®: Uses player tracking data to bring fans next-generation statistics, including real-time player and ball positioning, by extracting and processing X, Y and Z coordinates through software and statistical algorithms. SportVU's speed, distance and possession data provides key insights and analysis points for player tracking and combines it with STATS' historical information database to launch a comprehensive data stream.

In 2013, STATS was named the Official Player Tracking partner of the NBA. SportVU's soccer product is utilized by FIFA, UEFA and a host of flagship European soccer teams. SPORTVU player tracking data, highlighted shot distance, player speed, distance covered and positional heat maps was also used in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


In February 2014, STATS was named to FAST Company's annual list of the most innovative companies and businesses. Other honorees for 2014 include Google, Amazon, Airbnb and Nike.

In January 2015, STATS was recognized for the accuracy of its fantasy football and baseball projections by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) in a head-to-head competition among industry leaders.

Partnerships with Teams, Leagues and Federations

STATS partners with leagues and federations around the globe to store and deliver their data to fans. Nearly every franchise in North America's four major professional sports leagues- NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL - use STATS' in-depth data, technologies or analytical reports.


STATS operated as a private company from 1981 to 2000. STATS was purchased by FOX Sports in 2000 before a joint venture between News Corporation and The Associated Press was created in 2005. VISTA Equity Partners purchased the company from FOX Sports and The Associated Press in June 2014.


In September 2014, STATS acquired Bloomberg Sports to become a premier resource for sports analytics, offering multi-media, team, league and technology customers a complete suite of sports data products and services. In February 2015, STATS added The Sports Network and Automated Insights (Ai) to its portfolio. AI's natural language generation (NLG) platform Wordsmith allows STATS to automatically transform raw data into sports content. In 2014, the platform created over a billion articles and reports for customers such as The Associated Press, Yahoo! and Comcast.


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