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SX2 Media Labs

SX2 Media Labs LLC is a New York City based company which owns and publishes two United States technology magazines: Computer Shopper and the once-yearly College Buying Guide.

The company was formed in 2005 by David Sills, and Barry Schwimmer of Stoneybrook Capital, with the goal of becoming a "become a major information provider for technology enthusiasts".[1] Stills and Schwimmer previously worked together as Distance Education Company, which bought distance learning company Home Study Schools Corporation then was sold off in 2004.[2] On 2006-02-06, SX2 purchased Computer Shopper and College Buying Guide from CNET Networks,[3] and 20 days later, on 2006-02-26, Cyber Media (India) Ltd. obtained a 20% stake in SX2.[4]


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