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Santo Antônio das Missões

For other uses, see Santo Antônio (disambiguation).
Map of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil highlighting Santo Antônio das Missões
State: Rio Grande do Sul
Meso-region: Northwestern Rio Grande do Sul
(Noroeste Rio-Grandense)
Micro-Region: Santo Ângelo
Founded: October 12, 1965
Location: 28.51/28° 30' 39" S lat.
39.327/39° 13' 40" W long.
Area: 1,714.239 km²
Population (2006):
- Total
- Change
- Density



Elevation: 213 m
Postal code: 97870-xxx

Santo Antônio das Missões (first part, Portuguese meaning "Saint Anthony", last part meaning mission) is a municipality in the western part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Its coordinates are 6.867/6° 52' 8" S and the longitude is 42.35933/42° 21' 36" W. It has 2,060 inhabitants and the area is 32.596 km². Its density is 61.48/km² (2006). Distance from the state capital of Porto Alegre is 534 km west and tens of kilometres east from the Argentine border but the municipality does not border since it is close.

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