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Savannah Shamrocks RFC

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The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club is a rugby union team from Savannah, Georgia and member of USA Rugby[1] and Division III of The Georgia Rugby Union.[2]


The Savannah Shamrocks Rugby Club were formed in 1978 in Savannah by Tom Nelson and Carl Shoemaker, who were looking for something “different;” now the team has up to 50 members, a senior men’s and women’s team, plays around the region, belongs to the Georgia Rugby Union and hosts the popular annual St. Patrick's Day Tournament. The team colors are kelly green and gold. The home field is Forsyth Park, Whitaker and Park Street in Savannah.

Men's Team


2013 saw new leadership at captain and during this year the Shamrocks club finished 4-2 in the Georgia Rugby Union Division 3 competition and were eliminated in the GRU Play-In Game with a loss to Charleston. The 2013-14 competitive season would become one of the most successful campaigns in club history with the team opening up with a 4-0 run in the Black Rose Tournament, hosted by Georgia Southern University, and claiming the Championship. Savannah would run through the GRU Division 3 league season with an 11-0 regular season record defeating opponents from Armstrong Atlantic University, Golden Isles, Hilton Head, Valdosta State University, North Atlanta Rugby Club, High Country, Athens and Atlanta Renegades. The Shamrocks hosted the GRU Division 3 Championship and defeated the Athens Eagles. Savannah's 2013-14 season would come to an end in the South Regionals with a loss to Gainesville, Florida. Currently, the Savannah Shamrocks are competing in the 2014-15 GRU Division 3 season.

The St. Patrick Day’s Tournament

St. Patrick's Day Rugby Tournament in Savannah is one of the largest in the country; every year the tournament has over 75 teams from Michigan, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia as well as teams from Canada, England and Ireland. The St. Patrick's Day Tournament is held in Daffin Park, Savannah, Georgia.

The Savannah Shamrocks have given a portion of the proceeds from the annual event to local charities and individuals in the Savannah and rugby communities for the past 15 years and will continue to do so. They also host their own float in the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, the nation’s second largest St Patrick’s Day celebration.[3]

The tournament Grand Champions are :

  • 1979 - University of Georgia
  • 1980 - Atlanta High Country
  • 1981 - Jacksonville
  • 1982 - Mystic River Club University of Maryland
  • 1983 - Xavier Old Boys
  • 1984 - Life College
  • 1985 - Augusta
  • 1986 - Cincinnati Marmots
  • 1987 - Pelicans (St. Petersburg)
  • 1988 - Augusta
  • 1989 - Old White (Atlanta)
  • 1990 - Life College
  • 1991 - Bergan
  • 1992 - Rock'n'Roll Rebels Ottawa, Canada
  • 1993 - Rock'n'Roll Rebels Ottawa, Canada
  • 1994 - Maryland Exiles
  • 1995 - New York Rugby Club
  • 1996 - BAT'S Boston Area Touring Side
  • 1997 - Northern Virginia
  • 1998 - Northern Virginia
  • 1999 - New York Athletic Club
  • 2000 - New York Athletic Club
  • 2001 - White Plains New York
  • 2002 - Unpossible XV
  • 2003 - Atlanta Renegades
  • 2004 - Cincinnati Wolfhounds
  • 2005 - Worchester RFC
  • 2006 - Air Force
  • 2007 - The Willing
  • 2008 - The Willing
  • 2009 - The Willing
  • 2010 - The Willing
  • 2011 - Cincinnati
  • 2012 - Air Force

Our Opponents

Atlanta Old White
Atlanta Renegades
Golden Isles
High Country
Hilton Head




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