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Science in Action (radio programme)

For the book by Bruno Latour, see Science in Action.
Science in Action
Genre Current science
Running time 28 minutes
Country UK
Language(s) English
Home station BBC World Service
Host(s) Jon Stewart
Recording studio Broadcasting House
Air dates since 7 July 1979
Website Science in Action
Podcast Podcasts

Science in Action is a long-running weekly radio programme produced by the BBC World Service and currently hosted by British journalist Jon Stewart.[1] Stewart spent five years at BBC Radio 1 before taking over the presentation of Science in Action. It is broadcast on Thursdays at 18.32 GMT and repeated twice the following day, at 01.32 and 08.32.

A programme with the title Science in Action is believed to have begun life in 1964, when it replaced an earlier series, dating from the 1950s, called Science and Industry.[2] From September 1965 a short-lived series called Science in Action ran on the Home Service; it was broadcast at 19.30 on Thursdays, later 21.30. In December 1965 it was moved to 14.30 on Fridays. The present weekly World Service series, also called Science in Action, began on Saturday 7 July 1979.


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